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September 2016


Maurice ChapelanReaders, listeners,

“Anatomical knowledge is as necessary for love as theory is for music.”

Maurice Chapelan (Frans journalist, 1906-1992)





This month you can win two tickets for a concert by the young star Anna Prohaska if you know the correct answer to our question.

The German soprano Anna Prohaska has built up a big reputation in Germany as soloist at the Staatsoper in Berlin. She’s already sung many tragic heroine roles. She’ll also be doing that during the concert ‘Dido en Cleopatra’ in the Grote Zaal in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on Tuesday 27 September at 20:15. She will be accompanied by music ensemble Il Giardino Armonico. See the website of the Concertgebouw for more information about the concert.Anna Prohaska

Previous competition

The question in the July/Augustus newsletter
was: Which concerts inspired the CD Hotel Terminus by Erik Bosgraaf and Yuri Honing?
The correct answer is: The Brandenburg
Concertos by J.S. Bach. The winner of the CD Hotel Terminus is: Michael Samson. Congratulations!

This month's question

This month's question is: .....

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Programme maker Roland Kuit in spaceRoland Kuit

Music by the sonologist-composer Roland Emile Kuit is travelling with the NASA mission OSIRIS-REX to the asteroid Bennu. It is the first time that work by a Dutch composer is part of a space mission.

The NASA satellite sets off to Bennu on 8 September. This asteroid was formed in the earliest period of our solar system and scientists expect that molecules that were the first steps
in the creation of life in the universe will be
found there. The OSIRIS-REX mission will returm to Earth in September 2023 with samples from Bennu. The music by Kuit will be left behind on Bennu on a chip.

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Bach ad Infinitum episode 400

Bach ad Infinitum reaches another milestone on Friday 23 September at 13:00 CET with the 400th episode! Previous milstones featured the Bach favourites of programme maker Govert Jan Bach, presenter Joop van Zijl and coordinator Irene Stolp. This time the selections will be made by the editor of the programme.
Hans Meerman en Joop van Zijl

He explains: “The recording of another week
of Bach ad Infinitum programmes in the studio
of the Concertzender in Utrecht, well hidden behind the facade of the Theater Kikker on the Ganzemarkt, is always a special event."

Always the first

“The makers of Bach ad Infinitum arrive inconspicuously enough. Benno Wormgoor is always the first every Thursday, because he
needs to do a lot of work before we are ready
to record another week of programmes in the afternoon. Next is Irene Stolp, who is the coordinator for Early Music at the Concertzender and always has lots to do."

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The Soundcafé on tourKlankcafe on tour

Every year, the fashionable Swiss skiing
village of Gstaad changes into the location
of one of the most unusual classical music festivals in Europe: the Gstaad Menuhin Festival. The Soundcafé has again been
invited to visit this overwhelming festival
for a few days. Last year we had the opportunity to talk to the star tenor Jonas Kaufmann. And we thought that nothing
would be able to better that...

But this year we are going to talk to no-one
less than Lang Lang! This piano virtuoso has already played for Obama in the White House, performed with Pharell Williams and Metallica
and was in Time's list of the most influential people. In short, a unique artist who doesn't
shy away from cross-overs with other genres.
This can also be heard on his new album New York Rhapsody that will be released later this year. We will be talking to him about this album and about his vist to the Netherlands in November.

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Panorama de Leeuw XXI: Schönberg Ensemble (2)Henk Guittart

In Panorama de Leeuw on Wednesday
7 September, Thea Derks looks at the
Schönberg Ensemble. The Schönberg
Ensemble was formed in 1974 at the Conservatorium in Den Haag and
immediately had a major impact. The
most influential musician in the ensemble
was the violist Henk Guittart, a man with
a great love of the music of the Second Viennese School around Arnold Schönberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern.

GGuittart exchanged letters with Schönberg's children and visited them in Los Angeles in 1977. The were so impressed by his enthousiasm that they gave him a suitcase full of unpublished material. The violist was determined to perfom
this music and was supported in this endeavour
by the other members of the Schönberg Ensemble and by Reinbert de Leeuw.

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Gaudeamus Music Week: our tips, concert recordings and radioLAB

The Gaudeamus Music Week takes place from September 7 to 11 at various locations in Utrecht. The Gaudeamus Music Week is well respected by admirers of contemporary music. During the festival you can hear the music of today and the music of tomorrow.Bellyhorn van Dianne Verdonk

The opening concert features Up-Close by Michel van der Aa (the winner of the Gaudeamus Award in 1999). Van der Aa has rejuvenated the cello concert with this multi-disciplinary work which combines his music with film in a unique way. What do we see and what do we hear? Is it music theatre, film music or a video opera? It is without doubt a virtuoso concert for solo cello and string orchestra and an overwhelming multi-media experience. Van der Aa wrote Up-Close for the Amsterdam Sinfonietta and received the prestigious Grawemeyer Award for this work in 2013.

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Café Zimmermann: Joachim EijlanderJoachim Eijlander

A new episode of Café Zimmermann, part of our series Bach ad Infinitum, is broadcast on Friday 9 September. The guest in this episode is the Dutch cellist Joachim Eijlander.

Joachim Eijlander plays a 'pasticcio suite' consisting of parts of the cellosuites by Johann Sebastian Bach and caprices by the Belgian-
Italian composer and cellist Joseph Marie dall'Abaco (1710-1805). He will also be talking
to programme maker Govert Jan Bach.

The writer Wim Faas is also our guest. He will talk about his new book 'Alla maniera Italiana', about Bach and the Italian baroque.

This episode of Café Zimmermann was recorded on2 Juli 2016 in the Muzieklokaal in Utrecht.

Broadcast: Friday 9 September, 13:00 - 14:00 CET

Repeat: Friday 16 September, 13:00 - 14:00 CET


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