Bach ad Infinitum episode 400


Bach ad Infinitum reaches another milestone on Friday 23 September at 13:00 CET with the 400th episode! Previous milstones featured the Bach favourites of programme maker Govert Jan Bach, presenter Joop van Zijl and coordinator Irene Stolp. This time the selections will be made by the editor of the programme.

He explains: “The recording of another week of Bach ad Infinitum programmes in the studio of the Concertzender in Utrecht, well hidden behind the facade of the Theater Kikker on the Ganzemarkt, is always a special event."

Hans Meerman en Joop van Zijl

Always the first

“The makers of Bach ad Infinitum arrive inconspicuously enough.
Benno Wormgoor is always the
first every Thursday, because he needs to do a lot of work before
we are ready to record another
week of programmes in the after-
noon. Next is Irene Stolp, who is
the coordinator for Early Music at
the Concertzender and always has
lots to do.

Shortly after lunch Govert Jan Bach and Joop van Zijl appear outside the building and just like the characters from Harry Potter at a railway station they then seem to disappear. They have gone through the hidden door to the Concertzender. This well-kept secret is only revealed by a tiny sticker next to the doorbell. Welcome to the Concertzender.”

Fellowship of Bach

“I don't often witness this phenomenon because I am involved with the final part of the process, editing the programmes. I put together the spoken texts that Joop van Zijl has produced with that unique voice of his and the music that Govert Jan Bach has selected. We have been working like this for 400 episodes now. It is quite an intensive process, everyone has their own deadlines and there is sometimes quite a lot of pressure. But at the end of the day the team always succeeds in making another week's worth of exceptional programmes. It is a privilege to be able to work together, a sort of Fellowship of Bach.

This time I am even more involved. Programme maker Govert Jan Bach thought it would be a good idea if Joop van Zijl would interview me for the 400th episode of Bach ad Infinitum. Who is the mysterious editor? What is his connection with the symphonic rock band Yes and the work of Bach? When did he and Joop van Zuyl first meet?

And I also have the opportunity to select the music for the 400th episode of Bach ad Infinitum. Don't miss it…”


  • Friday 23 September 2016, 13:00 – 14:00 CET
  • Friday 30 September 2016, 13:00 – 14:00 CET



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