Gaudeamus Music Week: our tips,
concert recordings and radioLAB


The Gaudeamus Music Week takes place from September 7 to 11 at various locations in Utrecht. The Gaudeamus Music Week is well respected by admirers of contemporary music. During the festival you can hear the music of today and the music of tomorrow.

The opening concert features Up-Close by Michel van der Aa (the winner of the Gaudeamus Award in 1999). Van der Aa has rejuvenated the cello concert with this multi-disciplinary work which combines his music with film in a unique way. What do we see and what do we hear? Is it music theatre, film music or a video opera? It is without doubt a virtuoso concert for solo cello and string orchestra and an overwhelming multi-media experience. Van der Aa wrote Up-Close for the Amsterdam Sinfonietta and received the prestigious Grawemeyer Award for this work in 2013.

The opening concert also includes compositions by Kate Moore and Maxim Shalygin, Hugo Morale and Jörg Widmann. The works are performed by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta with conductor Candida Thompson, Kaori Yamagami on cello and Slagwerk Den Haag.


The Gaudeamus Music Week is not only about music by established composers. There is also a competition for composers up to the age of 30. This year the composers in the competition are: James O’Callaghan from Canada, David Bird from the U.S., Shih-Weilo from Taiwan, Giulio Colangelo from Italy and Anthony Vine from the U.S. The Concertzender is recording more than 10 concerts during the festival. The work Ob-literate by Zeno van den Broek and Gagi Petrovic will be performed in an intimate format in the main hall of TivoliVredenburg on September 8. We recorded this work earlier in the year at the Nicolaï church in Utrecht and will be broadcasting this recording in September.Bellyhorn

radioLAB: Dianne Verdonk

In September the artist and
musician-in-residence Dianne
Verdonk is presenting her sound object Bellyhorn during the Gaudeamus Music Week.
Participants in the radioLAB-
workshop will be able to interview Dianne and ask her questions
about her work. And of course
also discover what it is that makes Bellyhorn so special!

radiokitz radioLAB with Dianne Verdonk

Saturday 10 September, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00.
TivoliVredenburg, project room in Cloud Nine.

The workshops are free, register via



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