Programme maker Roland Kuit in space


Music by the sonologist-composer Roland Emile Kuit is travelling with the NASA mission OSIRIS-REX to the asteroid Bennu. It is the first time that work by a Dutch composer is part of a space mission.Roland Kuit

The NASA satellite sets off to Bennu on 8 September. This asteroid was formed in the earliest period of our solar system and scientists expect
that molecules that were the first steps in the creation of life in the universe will be found there. The OSIRIS-REX mission will returm to Earth in September 2023 with
samples from Bennu. The music by Kuit will be left behind on Bennu on
a chip.

Roland Kuit has been making the monthly programme Electronic Frequencies for the Concertzender since 2014. In this programme he takes listeners to the furthest
reaches of the electronic music universe. We are proud that his
own music is also going into space!

On Thursday 25 Augustus Roland presented his work in the Space Expo in Noordwijk. The launch of the rocket on September 8 can be followed the website and on Twitter via @osirisrex.



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