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Newsletter July 2017


Darius MilhaudReaders, listeners,

“It is curious how people go on believing that the musician knows less about what he is doing than those that judge him.”

Darius Milhaud (French composer, 1892-1974)




This month you can win a CD with the violin sonatas by Charles Ives if you know the correct answer to our competition question. Con Slugarocko

The prize is the CD Con Slugarocko, with a performance of the four violin sonatas by Annabella Berthomé-Reynolds (violin) and Dirk Herten (piano) [Wh'te CD 2016].

Previous competition

Last month's question was: What is the origin of the name of the Diogenes Quartet? The correct answer was: the name refers to their friendship with Rudolph C. Bettenschart, one of the founders of the Swiss publisher Diogenes.

The winner is Sander de Boer from Leeuwarden. Congratulations, your prize is on its way!

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Opera in de 20th Century: 1925 onwards Luc Nijs

Since January, the programme Opera in the 20th Century has been broadcast every Tuesday at 14:00 CET on the Concertzender. The programme is providing a chronological overview of the development of opera in the broadest sense of the term, including operette and, for example, zarzuela from Spain.

The series is complied by programme maker Luc Nijs, who previously worked on our programmes Contemporary Music and The Previous Century. In Opera in the 20th Century you can listen to both the classics from European opera as well as works from the local traditions of the Far East and the Middle East. You can also expect to hear older and less well-known recordings.

“We started in 1900 and will end in 2019. The historical developments reveals the important themes in the music as a series of layers.

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Organ works in Eastern Friesland

The programme Organ works is broadcast on the second Monday of the month from 19:00 to 20:00 CET. The programme features historical organs and the music written for those organs. For a long time the focus of the programme has been on unknown organs in the province of Groningen.Het orgel van Uttum

In March we started a new series of programmes that looked at organs in Northern Germany. Northern Germany, just like Groningen, contains a wealth of historical organs. The oldest organ in the region is the Gothic organ in Rysum.

There are also organs in this region from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These organs can be found in the smallest parish churches as well as in the major cathedrals. het orgel van UttumThe instruments have often been restored with great care to ensure that the sound remains authentic and therefore perfectly suited to the music written in the period in which they were built.

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banner de Klarinet

New programme series: DreamScenes

DreamScenes is a new monthly series of programmes that is first broadcast on the second Sunday of every month at 20:00 CET (and is subsequently available at all times 'on demand').

The name of the series already reveals the nature of the programmes: a monthly dreamscape that consistent of a non-stop mix of ambient soundscapes, experimental electronica and neo-classical music (and sometimes other genres, what is important is the atmosphere that the music invokes not the label that it has been given). The choice for a continuous mix has been made so that a dreamlike mood can be created and the playlist (as usual) can always be found on the Concertzender website).Dreamscenes logo

Tension and relaxation

Don't expect the programme to only consist of quiet and relaxing sounds: after all, dreams can also be exciting and can even lead to nightmares. It is the alternation between tension and relaxation that creates the atmosphere in which the listener can start to dream. And dreams need not only occur late at night, day-dreams are possible at any moment!

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