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Newsletter June 2016


Bob WelchReaders, listeners,

“In music, the experiment of yesterday is the cliché of tomorrow.”

Bob Welch (American musician, born 1946)



This month there is no new competition.

The results of the last competition will be announced in the newsletter of July.


Houtfestival HaarlemIt's time for festivals!

The summer is on its way, so it is yet again time for festivals!

We started with recording at the end of May on
the following festivals:

  • The Muze van Zuid Festival, 21 and 22
    May in Amsterdam.
  • The International Gipsy Festival, Saturday 28 May in Tilburg.
    Also the Royal Gipsy Orchestra Roma Mirando appeared before our microphone.
On 19 June we are recording the Houtfestival in Haarlem, an annual festival for world music. Do we see you there?


New programmes Classical music

The Concertzender, department Classical Music, realizes two new programmes as from June.

Between Dreams and Reality

In this new programme we pay attention to the Fin de Siècle and music from the beginning of the 20th century.

Kandinsky - Composition VII

We start around 1890 and we end around 1930. From tonal to atonal music, from impressionism
to futurism.You hear music from all corners of
the world!

According to programme maker Cassandra van Agt.

Every Wednesday from June from 18:00 to 19:00.

Clap whenever you want

All ins and outs of the opera, discussed by programme maker Menno Feenstra. Because of the sudden death of programme maker Walter Knoeff, there is a gap in the opera programming on the Concertzender. Since this is a favourite genre among our listeners, we want to begin with a new programme.

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Hohe Messe by Masaaki Suzuki

We present a special episode of Concertzender Live on Thursday 16 June at 20:00. With some pride, we broadcast our recordings of the performance of the Hohe Messe by Bach performed by Bach Collegium Japan led by Masaaki Suzuki on last 19 April in the Concertgebouw. Preceding, an exclusive interview with Masaaki Suzuki, held by Govert Jan Bach.Masaaki Suzuki

On Tuesday 19 April 2016, a memorable performance took place of the Mass in b minor, BWV 232 (Hohe Messe) by Johann Sebastian
Bach by the Japanese conductor and Bach
expert Masaaki Suzuki. With his Bach Collegium Japan, he managed to get an almost fully
booked Grote Zaal of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The performance by Suzuki became
a memorable experience and approached perfection.

The Concertzender had the great privilige to be present at this event!

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New at the Concertzender: Sensentahoneyguide

The first broadcast of Sensenta will be on Sunday 5 June at 19:00, a new weekly programme featuring music with a long
span of tension. The programme Sensenta is devised and produced by Harrold Roeland.

Sensenta is a musical idea from Zambia: music has to move like a honeyguide in flight, a small bird that attracts people's attention and leads them to beehives. The human breaks the hive
and takes the honey, the bird eats the bees-
wax. When he flies to the hive, the bird moves
up and down, and according to the Bemba and Lala tribes that is the ideal movement for music: it needs to warm up and cool off again. And that is of course exactly what happens in the programme.

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Acoustic Roots: RaagMala Suite

On Friday 10 June, you can attend a recording of Acoustic Roots in the Kargadoor at the Oudegracht in Utrecht. This time, we have RaagMala Suite
as guest. The broadcast of this recording will be a week later on Friday 17
June.RaagMala Suite

RaagMala Suite is a composition based on the classical Indian raga music tradition. A raga determines the scales or modes which the musicians can use, but also the way they
should play the music.

The recurring theme in the Indian classical
music is finding a balance between the
composed and the free musical elements. It
is up to the artist to maintain the proportions between the composed aspects and the improvisations. A large number of ragas in the Indian musical culture is devoted to different emotions and their varieties. Ragas offer many possibilities for musical interpretations.

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Panorama de Leeuw XX: Youth and amateursBernard van Beurden

In the last episode, we paid attention to two musical extremes: Karlheinz Stockhausen
and John Adams. With between them Olivier Messiaen, a lifelong love of Reinbert de Leeuw.

We broadcast in that episode a fragment from
Quatuor pour la fin du temps
, with which Reinbert de Leeuw and the Rondom Quartet made furore.

In 1986, Messiaen was a guest at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag for a composers project. Reinbert de Leeuw led the students through his renowned Turangalîla Symphony. Working with students and young musicians
is a recurring theme in De Leeuw's career.
At a later date, he would again perform the Turangalîla Symphony with students at the NJO Summer Academy, an initiative that De Leeuw
also helped to start.

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