New at the Concertzender: Sensenta


The first broadcast of Sensenta will be on Sunday 5 June at 19:00, a new weekly programme featuring music with a long span of tension. The programme Sensenta is devised and produced by Harrold Roeland.

Sensenta is a musical idea from Zambia: music has to move like a honeyguide in flight, a small bird that attracts people's attention and leads them to beehives. The human breaks the hive and takes the honey, the bird eats the beeswax. When he flies to the hive, the bird moves up and down, and according to the Bemba and Lala tribes that is the ideal movement for music: it needs to warm up and cool off again. And that is of course exactly what happens in the programme.honeyguide

The basic idea of Sensenta, which came to Harrold in Zambia, is to
be found in the subtitle: a musical serial story. During coming weeks
and months, the programme itself
will create a long span of tension; every episode changes from colour slowly, and each following episode
of Sensenta begins where the last
one finishes. A slow wave is created which moves through the different genres of the Concertzender.

But Sensenta aims to be more than just a regular radio programme. As listener you can influence this
musical serial story by taking part.

Why? In the mood for an active Sunday evening or is it time for more peace? Are we going towards Aphex Twin or Guillaume de Machaut? More or less jazz? You can decide, and in this way you can influence the direction the programme takes.

You can act on this opportunity via this special Facebook page.



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