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Newsletter March '14


Readers, listeners,

“All music is folk music,
I ain't never heard no horse sing a song.”

Louis Armstrong,
(American jazz musician 1901-1971)



This month you can win a CD with compositions by Sylvia Maessen if you can answer our question correctlyInspired by poetry.

The question last month was: What name is given to the Piano sonata D 840 by Franz Schubert? The correct answer was ‘Reliquie’.
Our winner is Sonja Clason from Enschede.
She wins a CD by pianist Shai Wosner with works including the Pianosonate D 850,
issued on the ;Onyx label (Onyx 4073).

This month's question

In which city was the premiere of Sylvia Maessen's reconstruction of the chamber music versions of Chopin's piano concertos and which international ensemble gave the performance?

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Acoustic Roots with Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin

Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin can be heard in ‘Acoustic Roots’ on Friday 21 March. They have been playing together as a duo for more than seven years Last month they were the winners of the 2014 BBC Radio 2 Folk Award in the category ‘best folk duo’.

Originally, Hannah replaced Phillip Henry as the musical partner of Tobias Ben Jacob. The reason being that Phillip Henry was going to India to study slide guitar with the virtuoso Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya (see www.debashishbhattacharya.com). On his return, Phillip Henry, Tobias Ben Jacob and Hannah Martin formed a trio.
That ended after a while and Phillip and Hannah continued as a duo.

Phillip and HannahPersonal sound

Phillip and Hannah have developed an entirely personal sound, not only as a result of their instrumental and vocal talents, but also
because of their wonderful texts and beautiful arrangements. Their second CD, ‘Mynd’, lets
us hear the results of this musical chemistry.
The way in which Phillip plays slide guitar,
dobro and the Indian chatturangui is founded
on a solid musical basis. Add Hannah’s violin, viola, tenor guitaar and banjo and you get a wonderful combination. But it is particularly Hannah’s voice that makes their sound so special, although their voices also harmonise very well.

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Special offer for readers of the Concertzender Newsletter

Save €2,50 on the concerts by the ensemble Aventure during the exhibition
‘Van Oostsanen – the first Dutch master’.

The concerts take place on Saturday 29 March 2014 in the Oude Kerk in
Amsterdam and on Friday 4 April 2014 in the Stedelijk Museum in Alkmaar.
The concert on the 29 March will be recorded by the Concertzender!

lezersaanbieding1514: In Holland there is music

Aventure, an ensemble for medieval music, performs early 16th century polyphonic and monastery music associated with the painter Jacob van Oostsanen (ca. 1475-1533) and his Amsterdam neighbour, the banker and patron Pompeius Occo.
The Sacramentsmis ‘Ecce Panis Angelorum’
and more polyphony from the Occo Codex
(1515-1517) are played together with simple monastery songs and music from the citizens
of the Hollandse Handschrift Koning.


Vocals: Nancy Mayer, Christopher Kale, João Moreira*/Jon Etxabe Arzuaga**,
Philip Barkhudarov (*Amsterdam/**Alkmaar).
Recorders: Marco Magalhães, Fumitaka Saito, Ita Hijmans.

You can order tickets via aventure.ensemble@gmail.com. Mention the Concertzender Newsletter to get your reduction.

For more information: www.aventure-ensemble.nl and www.vanoostsanen.nl.


The Kilima HawaiiansCD of the month: Requiem –
The Kilima Hawaiians

Programme maker Henk Braaksma (see ‘Introducing...’) has chosen this month's CD.

His selection is the CD/DVD box-set by the legendary Kilima Hawaiians that was issued
last year (EMI 5099901571929). He was partly responsible for this exceptional release, which includes unique and previously unreleased material from his own collection. Henk was
also able to use his knowledge of the music
and history of the Dutch band to make a selection of material from the archives in Hilversum. This has resulted in a piece of
Dutch music history in music and pictures
that would otherwise have remained forgotten.


Memorial to Paco de Lucia

The world famous flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia died on 25 February
at the age of 66. Eric Vaarzon Morel , the best-known flamenco guitarist
in the Netherlands has agreed to work together with the Concertzender
on a ‘Tribute to Paco de Lucia’.

Paco de LuciaEric will bring along a lot of music from his
own collection, including many old LPs. He
will play this music and use it to explain to
us why Paco de Lucia was so important for flamenco music and how he modernised the genre.
Vaarzon Morel will also bring his guitar and
play some of the music from Paco de Lucia
live in the studio. In this way, we hope to
give a fitting tribute to this important artist.

The programme will be broadcast in ‘Acoustic Roots’ on 14 March from 21:00 to 22:00.


Concertzender Live – Festival of Early Music

In March we will broadcast two programmes in Concertzender Live with concerts from the Festival of Early Music 2013!

Vox Luminis On Sunday 9 March you can hear concerts by
the vocal ensemble Vox Luminis and the lutist Hopkinson Smith, and on Sunday 23 March
there are performances by the Huelgas Ensemble and Tetraktys.

The concert by Vox Luminis features the wide range of music that was composed by Roland
de Lassus, or Orlando di Lasso as he was also
known. The secular works by the ‘French’
Roland de Lassus and the ‘Italian’ Orlando di Lasso include both musical gems and bawdy popular songs. The 11 singers of Vox Luminis
are accopanied by Masato Suzuki on the harp-
sichord and Jurgen Debruyn on the lute.

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Henk Braaksma, programme maker for World Music

Henk Henk Braaksmahas been working for the Concertzender since 1999 and has a preference for music
from exotic places such as Mexico, Paraguay, Argentinia, Hawaii, India and Cuba. He also
has another strange habit: collecting records.
“I have an almost complete collection of the
78 rpm records by Max Woiski, Maria Zamora
and the Kilima Hawaiians amongst others.
And I have played in a lot of bands myself,
from the Argentinian-orientated trio Los Folkloricos to The Honolulu Minstrels, who
paid their respects to the music of Hawaii.”

Hawaiian guitaar

Henk was already ‘addicted’ to world music
long before record companies started using
it as a marketing term. “Yes, years ago, you could already listen to music from around the world in this chilly little country of ours: Malando with the tango, María Zamora who sang songs from South America and The Kilima Hawaiians who made the music from Hawaii very popular.
I was crazy about the Hawaiian guitar and eventually learned to play it very well myself after many years of study. It is a troublesome instrument to play because of the many different ways in which it
can be tuned.”

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