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Newsletter October 2011



Dear reader,

Please read the good news about the future of the Concertzender in our » press release. (in Dutch, a translation will follow).

The radio program X-Rated is making a restart. No longer at Kink FM but at Concertzender. You can read more about it in this newsletter.

Our monthly Prize Question column once more offers you the opportunity to win a prize.

Finally in ‘Introducing…’ meet Hessel Veldman, coordinator of Crosslinks. He is also responsible for the restart of X-Rated.

We wish you pleasant and informative reading!

X-Rated gets second chance

On Sunday September 25th X-Rated will be broadcast for the last time on Kink FM. On Thursday October 6th Bob Rusche will continue his program on Concertzender at 10.00 pm CET.

During the last 16 years X-Rated has become THE platform for avant-garde music on Kink FM. It is the most specialized program for lovers of:

  • experimental music
  • neofolk
  • industrial
  • ambient
  • electronics

In 1995 Arjen Grolleman started X-Rated. He was also the presenter. Later Bob Rusche presented and produced this program together with Arjen. After Arjen passed away, Bob continued to present and produce X-Rated.

Now that Kink FM is vanishing from the ether in September we are very pleased that X-Rated is coming to Concertzender.
Bob Rusche: “It is a shame that Kink FM will cease to exist. That I can continue to make and present X-Rated  via Concertzender, is beneficial for these types of music in general. With its varied and sometimes bold programming, Concertzender is the right home for a restart of X-Rated.”

» Read more about the restart of X-Rated

Hessel Veldman – chief editor Crosslinks

“In the 60’s I was surrounded by a lot of jazz and light classical music. I choseguitar as my instrument when I was 10 years old, gripped by the rock and roll and beat culture, from the Beatles to the Stones. I played pop, blues, jazz and rock during those years.

When I was 20, these conventional sounds fell apart into sound experiments and fragmented improvisations, influenced by freejazz, krautrock and punk.

I left the guitar for what it was and made analogue and digital sound manipulations using various instrumenten as a source. I began to produce my own soundscapes, which Han Reiziger (VPRO) used in a music special and a cassette release in 1980.
Then in the 80’s a period followed with:

  • music production (Exart cassettes)
  • collaborations with like-minded musicians
  • producing experimental radio programs
  • producing audio en soundscapes 
  • giving concerts: solo or with F.N.T.C. and ‘Gorgonzola Legs’

Organising adventures and experiences

“In the 90’s my intense musical experiences began to move towards a different direction. I began searching for a more adventurous way to experience and present culture. Together with the OERR foundation and a group of like-minded people we organized walking, auditory and culinary experiences in Spa, Belgium. 

Through the art of storytelling, the culinary arts and with auditory performances we tried to open doors of adventure for others. For example, I would tell stories to children and adults and let them hear various types of music.  Experiencing adventure and beauty remains the fuel for our inner motor.”

Primary school teacher and advisor music libraries
“I had a full time job as a primary school teacher until the start of the millennium in addition to all my cultural activities. A very difficult period mentally, particularly in my private life, led to introspection and a change of direction.

A position as advisor to music libraries from2006 to 2008 turned out to be a dead end in a neglected and ignored media cultural landscape, caused by governmental indifference.”

Producer Concertzender
“Since 2004 I was the producer of many different programs for Concertzender. I started with episodes of Popart for the New Music department. They were quickly followed by:

  • Pakrammel
  • 230 Volt
  • Theme programs
  • Actua
  • Nieuwe Muzieknacht

Since our move to Amsterdam in 2010 I have taken over the tasks of chief editors Kees van de Wiel (new music) and Charlie Crooijmans (world music). And thus a new pop-folk department came into being with its own programming for Thursday nights.

Through the years a close-knit group of professionals has joined Concertzender. These specialists utilize their musical knowledge to put together unique Thursday night programs.”

Rich variety
“This has led to a richly varied Thursday evening with pop, folk and world music. We keep a sharp focus on contemporary developments in the avant-garde in the areas of electro-acoustical pop and folk music. This we place in a historical perspective.
This department is now called Crosslinks. We start the first hour with folk and/or world music, followed by live recordings, or a potpourri of contemporary, current music. We then continue with Popart, focussing on the border area between pop and avant-garde.

Together with a collegue I present an overview of the latest trends and unfamiliar currents within alternative music styles in ThE BlessinG ForcE and Pluto. From October Bob Rusche (Kink FM) will be replacing me. His selection process is within the lines of my own program.  Marylou Busch (VPRO) will continue to present her program, Pluto, featuring mostly unfamiliar music.

During the last part of the evening in Disc-Cover, we present obscure old and new lp releases thematically, not according to a specific style. The Pakrammels are compiled by specialists in the area of extreme en ‘contrary’ sound processes, such as in the montly Radio WORM. This month we are already on the 137th episode. This gives the programmers great freedom of choice and provides a rich and colourful evening to the listeners.”

Prize Question

Do you know the answer to the following prize question? Send it to us for a chance to win a double CD!

The new prize question is: “In which year, by whom and why was The Monteverdi Choir founded?”                                   

What can you win?
De prize is:

  • a double CD with music by Bach
  • performed by The Monteverdi Choir
  • part 12 from the series ‘Soli Deo Gloria’ and 8 cantatas: BWV 52, 55, 60, 89, 115, 139, 140 and 163

With thanks to Harmonia Mundi, who generously donated this CD (SDG 171).

What do you need to do?

We chose the winners per lottery. Two weeks after this newsletter appears we announce the winner:

  • in an email to the winner
  • via a news bulletin on » our website
  • in the next newsletter in this column

Former prize question, answers and winners:
The former question was in three parts:

  • At the beginning of the 70’s K. Ph. Bernet-Kempers and Chris Maas published a modern edition of the 1st Leiden Choirbook. In which series did this edition appear?
  • The book 'The Leiden Choirbooks – An Unheard Treasure' was recently published. It was written by Eric Jas & Peter de Groot. At which university did Eric Jas obtain his doctorate on the Leiden Choirbooks?
  • On the website of which organisation can you digitally leaf through all 4000 pages of the Leiden Choirbooks?

The correct answers are:

  • Monumenta Musica Neerlandica
  • University of Utrecht
  • Regional Archive Leiden

De winners of the 4 prizes are:

  • J.P. van Steensel – double CD Leiden choir books, vol. 1
  • J. Joosse – double CD Leiden Choirbooks, vol. 2
  • W. van Noordt - DVD Leiden Choirbooks
  • H. Molenaar – Book Leiden Choirbooks

Congratulations to the winners. Your prizes are on their way.

This column is made possible in part thanks to the generosity of various recording labels. They provide us with the prize CD’s, DVD’s, books and concert tickets.

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