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Concertzender Newsletter April 2011


Dear reader,

This month we would like to introduce Thijs Bonger. In the past he taught English, and Culture/ Art Development, but now the world of music has become an important part of his daily life. Thijs reviews music, makes audio books and makes and presents radio programs for the Concertzender.

We would also like to announce a unique live concert in April: ‘Symphonie des Trottoirs’.
We wish you pleasant reading.
The Concertzender

Live concert: Symphony of the Streets

Sunday, April 10 at 03:00 pm CET, the Concertzender will be presenting a unique concert experience: ‘Symphonie des Trottoirs’. The performers and makers are: Edward Janssen and composer-trumpet player Mark Nieuwenhuis.

We will be presenting this Sunday afternoon concert in collaboration with MuzyQ. The concert will take place in the main concert hall of MuzyQ, the music maker’s center in Amsterdam.

An hour in town
‘Symphonie des Trottoirs’ is a 60 minute live performance. You will hear the rhythms and sounds of the city and her inhabitants. These unique sounds, to which no one ordinarily pays attention, were recorded during city walks with microphones attached to shoes. The photo is of Mark Nieuwenhuis ‘soundstepping’ during a live recording. Beschrijving: http://nieuwsbrief.concertzender.nl/9/Images/straat.png 

The combination of live instrumentals and of recorded street sounds will take you on a dynamic and fascinating walking journey through town during this ‘footstep-soundscape-concert-performance’, as the makers call it. An event you shouldn’t miss!
The Concertzender will broadcast ‘Symphonie des Trottoirs’ later this year.
For more info go to www.symphoniedestrottoirs.nl.


Thijs Bonger – program maker and presenter classical music
“I experience how important music is to me on a daily basis. I am possessed by an unquenchable hunger for new musical experiences and love to share these with other people. That is why I work for the Concertzender.Beschrijving: http://nieuwsbrief.concertzender.nl/9/Images/thijs_bonger.png
It makes me happy to discover a totally unknown composition and to be able to broadcast it. It also gives me great satisfaction to showcase the work of an overlooked composer.”

 Radio experience in Breda
“I gained a great deal of experience working for Stadsradio Breda. In 2004 I sent a broadcast of mine to the Concertzender and was asked to make a program for them. After a short time I applied as a presenter to the Concertzender and thus began to work there.”

Making music accessible
“Classical music is placed on a pedestal all too often and is therefore inaccessible to many people. That is unnecessary, I think. In my program texts I try to place the composers and their works in a music historical context so that it becomes clear who they are and what they did or do. I try to make them more approachable and human.”

“In 2004 I also became a music reviewer for BN/DeStem. I write about classical music and jazz. At the time I was still working full time as a teacher of English and Cultural/Art Education. I also wrote the music programming information for, among others, the Brabants Orkest. Now I am retired and practically work full time on my writing and radio work. For 3 years now I have also been writing the literature which accompanies a chamber music series in the University of Tilburg. Sometimes I write texts for CD booklets, such as those for the Matangi Quartet.”

Audio books
“Some time ago, when it appeared that the Concertzender was to stop broadcasting at a certain point, I was afraid that the work which I loved so much would come to an end. In 2007 I therefore sent the Home Academy, a publisher of audio college CD’s, one of my broadcasts. Since then I also make audio books about composer’s lives. This formula is the opposite of the Concertzender’s: lots of text and very short music fragments. I have made 5 CD’s so far:

  • Tchaikovsky
  • Mendelssohn
  • Saint-Saëns
  • Haydn
  • Gershwin

Chopin is coming out soon.”

“Last but not least I play viola in an amateur string quartet. Boredom does not come into the equation for me. I hope that I will be able to work for the Concertzender for a long time to come.”

Next newsletter
The next Concertzender newsletter will appear in May.
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