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Newsletter January 2016


Stanislaw Jerzy LecReaders, listeners,

“Not everybody is able to dance to the music of future.”

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec (Pools aphorist and poet, 1909-1966).


The Concertzender wishes you a beautiful and musical 2016!


This month you have the chance to win the CD Chanson Vocalise with works
by Rachmaninoff and Suslin for cello, performed by Hyun-Jung Berger and
José Gallardo. In order to win this CD you will need to give the correct
answer to our competition question.
Chanson Vocalise

The competition question of December was:
What is an Ek? The question was difficult, since you had to find the connection between the question and violinist Anne van Schothorst. The right answer is: Ek is Eik, after the title of the
new CD by Anne van Schothorst. Ek is the Frisian word for Oak. The winner of the competition is: Johan Laffra. Congratulations!

This month's question

The competition question of January is .....

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Composer of the month

The Composer of the month of January is Calliope Tsoupaki (Piraeus, Greece, 1963).

This contemporary composer graduated in 1988 at the Hellenikon Conservatory and continued her studies in the Netherlands with Louis Andriessen. Today she still lives and works in the Netherlands. She uses elements from ancient and contemporary music from Greece and the Middle East in her music. Calliope TsoupakiHer oeuvre contains more than 70 works, ranging from opera to multimedia projects. Last autumn, her opera Mariken in
de Tuin der Lusten
(Mariken in the Garden of Delights) toured through the Netherlands with
a large number of performances.


  • Tuesday January 5, 6:00 PM
  • Monday January 11, 2:00 PM
  • Thursday January 14, 10:00 AM
    (all still accessible via our website)


Café Sonore celebrates Art's Birthday with a grand radio event

On Sunday, January 17th, 2016, the Concertzender will celebrate a special anniversay: Art's Birthday. Yes, the birthday of Art. A celebration to commemorate the French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou.Robert Filiou This birthday will be celebrated with a grand, four-hour long, international radio event between 8:00 PM
and 12:00 AM, including a live performance
of Henry Vega in the studio of the Concert-
zender. Would you like to experience this performance with us? You are very welcome
to join us!

The Internationale Ars Acustica Groep of the
EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has been organizing a major radio event in honor of Art's Birthday for several years now. Public broad-
casters in Europe, as well as independant radio stations from all over the world, provide a four-
hour long broadcast on January 17 every year. These are broadcasted through two EBU satellites, appropriately named Haydn and Liszt.

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Jubilee for Madgepoint on January 10

Since the beginning of 2014 master pianist Geoffrey Madge presents his biweekly program Madgepoint on the Concertzender. On January 10,
10:00 AM, he will present the fiftieth episode of the program.
Geoffrey Madge

In this jubilee episode Geoffrey will not look at other musicians, together with his co-host Louis Thörig, but they will discuss the activities of Geoffrey himself. And there are quite a few. In addition to his performances as a pianist and a composer he also runs musical foundations like Madgictouch, the Young Piano Masters and la Sociėté des Musiciens Extra-ordinaires.

Madgepoint is about a variety of subjects that mainly have to do with interpretation. We are dealing with questions like: how did composers play their own work and what differences can be heard in the same work in different performances?

Broadcast: Sunday January 10, 10:00 AM (still accessible via our website)


New program: Pianoatelier

Starting on January 6, the Concertzender will offer the monthly program Pianoatelier, every first Wednesday of the month. For the attentive listener:
this program is an old acquintance of the Concertzender. Willem BronsFor this new series
the program, dedicated to the piano, got a complete makeover.

Master pianist Willem Brons managed to attract the interest of the Concertzender as a program maker. In coopereation with Annemiek Klijberg
he will shed some light on a variety of subjects concerning the piano. In the first three episodes Brons will start ambitiously with Bach's Wohltemperierte Klavier. This promises to be a great series.

Broadcast: Wednesday January 6, 2:00 PM (still accessible via our website)


Acoustic Roots: guest singer Anass Habib with Arabic songs

On January 15, 9:00 PM, Acoustic Roots will welcome guest singer Habib Anass. Anass is from Fez (Morocco), and from an early age on he was an ambitious singer. When he was only five years old he sang classical Arabic songs together with his family.Anass Habib At age twelve he performed his first solo concert in Fez. Nowadays his repertoire covers music from many countries and civilizations.

Anass lived in Syria for two years, where he
sang medieval and pre-medieval songs in
Arabic, Aramic and Greek from the churches
in the Middle East. He took lessons from
composer Said Qoteb (Damascus), and from singers Safouan Abed and Ahmed Kaddah,
both from Aleppo. He spent three months
in Lebanon to work on the vocal techniques
of the Aramaic and Byzantine repertoire, in cooperation with the famous singer and
teacher Ghada Shbeir.

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JazznotJazz: the latest developments in contemporary jazz

You had to miss us on the Concertzender for some time, but starting on December 29 the program JazznotJazz will be broadcasted again. In this program the latest developments in contemporary jazz since 1990 will be discussed, Bugge Wesseltoftand of course we will listen to lots of modern jazz. The first episode was dedicated to Norwegian jazz musicians.

The new JazznotJazz is composed by Jasper van der Minnen. The first broadcast on December 29 was dedicated to Norwegian jazz musicians like Bugge Wesseltoft, who mix jazz with improvised music and electronic (dance) elements.

Broadcasts: every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 11:00 PM. You can listen to our first broadcast of December 29 via the program guide on our website.


Lots of Erik Bosgraaf at the Concertzender in 2016

Erik BosgraafOn January 8, a CD with live recordings from recorder player Erik Bosgraaf and various musical friends will be presented during a concert in Muziekcentrum De Toonzaal in

The recordings were made between 2012 and 2015 by recording engineer Kees van de Wiel
of the Concertzender during twelve In Residence concerts, that can be heard in full on the Concertzender later this year. The CD features very diverse music, for example from Bach, Telemann and Vivaldi but also many world premieres with work from young composers from Germany and Finland. In addition, the CD offers exciting electronic music by Jorrit Tamminga and others.

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The rich variety of jazz on the Concertzender

The Concertzender is deeply saddened by the decision of the Dutch Public Broadcasting to stop Radio 6, the jazz channel, in its current form. Budgets
have been decimated and the channel must continue as a subchannel with mainly non-stop music. The Concertzender thinks jazz is important and
believes jazz needs to have a serious place on public radio. Because our
role as a public broadcaster becomes more important now, we would like
to draw your attention to our jazz programs.

Did you know you can listen to over 35 jazz programs on the Concertzender
every month? And we pay attention to both contemporary jazz and jazz from
the 30s-50s, for example. Jazz lovers are in for a treat at the Concertzender,
since almost all jazz styles are represented at the Concertzender.

banner jazz

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Kleine Zaal ConcertgebouwRecital Hall Concertgebouw

Perhaps you are familiar with the Main Hall
of the Koninklijk Concertgebouw. But do you know the Recital Hall as well? If you love chamber music, this is the place for you.

In this Hall you are able to hear the musicians breathe, you can nearly touch them. That is the magic of the Recital Hall. Discover the magic yourself and listen to a string quartet, piano
recital or piano trio, vocal music or Dutch music. You can find more information on the website
of the Concertgebouw.


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