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Newsletter December '15


Albert SchweitzerReaders, listeners,

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

Albert Schweitzer (theologian, organist, philosopher, doctor, missionary; 1875-1965)



Anne van SchothorstCompetition

This month you can win a CD with harp
music by Anne van Schothorst if you know
the correct answer to our competition

The question in November was: Which version
of Bruckner's 4th symphony is performed on
the CD and in which year was it composed?

The correct answer was: the version 1878-1880. The winner was  O. Seegers from Purmerend.

This month's question

The question this month is short and to the point: What is an ek?

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Composer of the month

The composer of the month in December is Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924).

Fauré was one of the most important composers of his generation. He is best known for his piano music, chamber music and songs,
but Gabriel FauréFauré also wrote an opera. He composed mostly for small ensembles and his music is
often described as restrained and delicate.


  • Tuesday 1 December at 18:00 CET.

  • Wednesday 2 December at 9:00 CET.

  • Thursday 10 December at 10:00 CET.


Ladies of the tango

The attentive listener to our programme Tango: song of Buenos Aires, that is broadcast on the third Friday evening of the month, will already have noticed that we have started a new series: Ada FalcónLadies of the Tango.

Part 3 of the series is broadcast on 18 December at 22:00 CET. Programme maker Joep à Campo, who is also the author of the book Tango, lied
van Buenos Aires

“At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century Argentina was the promised land for millions of emigrants, primarily from Southern Europe. This massive transatlantic migration resulted in an excess of men in the country for several decades. The tango was born during this period and this passionate music and dance is the outcome of a society that was dominated by men. Our programme Tango – Song of Buenos Aires looks at the implications for the texts of the tango songs.

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Acoustic Roots looks back at 2015

In a special end of year broadcast on 18 December the makers of Acoustic Roots look back on a succesful year in which they welcomed many excellent guests to the programme. trio Snijders, Os, Lotz

Most of the concerts took place in the Pieternel, a 16th century chapel in the Pieterskerk in Utrecht, but there were also trips to the Winkel van Sinkel for a performance and interview with Daisy Correia and to Theatre De Cargadoor where the Irish band The Young Folks and the trio Snijders/Os/Lotz were the guests.

During this review of Acoustic Roots in 2015 the programme makers Karin, Carolien en Hans are together to present their personal favourites from the year and to look forward to some of the broadcasts planned for next year.

This special broadcast of Acoustic Roots is on Friday 18 December at 21:00 CET.


Jan Alensoon in 1724Early Music: The long journey of Jan Alensoon in L’Esprit Baroque

On Sunday 13 December we're broad-
casting a double length episode of L’Esprit Baroque. During this programme we'll be following the cultural trip that the Leiden lawyer Jan Alensoon made in the 18th
century through Europe. 

As well as being a lawyer Jan Alensoon (1683 – 1769) was a great lover of music. So it was only logical  that during his cultural journey in the
years 1723/24 he concentrated on musical life.
Via Belgium, France and Italy he travelled
through Switzerland and Germany and then
back again. He made the most musical contacts
in Italy. Throughout Europe he found himself in artistic circles.

Jan Alensoon was famous for his unique voice.
He had a vocal range of 3 octaves so he could sing both bass and high falsetto. In Venice he sang duets with the famous singer Faustina Bordoni, the wife of Johann Adolf Hasse.

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Introducing… Wino Penris, programme maker new music

Wino Penris is 56 years old, married to Astrid and father of Renée and
Simone. He lives in Amersfoort.
Win Penris

“I studied business studies in Tilburg. As well
as my work I also studied, among other things, electronics , leader/lightworker ( People and Intuition), Professional Communication and
train the trainer at Phoenix Opleidingen. At
the moment I'm in my second year of a 4 year training course leading to Ecointention practi-
tioner at the Center for Ecointention. I work
part-time at a government organisation in Den Haag. I'm also an independent organisational advisor,trainer, coach and counsellor. In
addition I'm chief editor of WoNo Magazine.
From time to time I produce a cd. Spirituality
plays an important role in my life.”

Unique radio stations

“Seven years or so ago I wanted to write a series of articles for WoNo Magazine about unique radio stations. The Concertzender was my first priority. My interview with Gusta Korteweg, then director of the Concertzender, took an unexpected direction. Gusta asked me if I wanted to make programmes. ”

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CD van de maandCD of the month: Oondert

The CD of the month has been selected
by Wino Penris. He has chosen the Zeelandic Flanders blues of Oondert by
the guitarist and songwriter Ries de Vuyst.

The album was issued last summer and contains melancholy songs that recall the Zeelandic Flanders of old. Wino explains:

“The Blues of Zeelandic Flanders. Musically  it is exceptional and is full of the atmosphere of the region.  I can smell the mud flats and can see
the sea. I can feel the cold wind and the rain on my face.  Old men with gnarled faces, few words and lots of truth. And I also think about our dear friend Lien who has passed way, who still only spoke in the dialect despite living most of her life elsewhere in the Netherlands. The mud stays on your feet forever! And I also secretly recall my first holiday romance, for a girl that I met in Breskens. We were 11 and we were still innocent. Does the place that I remember still exist? I need to go back.”


ZappaPopart honours Frank Zappa

Popart on 2 December is dedicated to the guitar legend Frank Zappa, who, if he were
still alive would have been 75 this month.

In a fitting style, the programme consists of an hour-long collage of Zappa; interviews, sounds,
a range of musical styles and of course some audience participation time. Also in style: we have generally not chosen the obvious pieces for the programme. And where we have, we have chosen some unusual versions.  The chronology is not important. After all, everything in the world of Zappa is one big composition: The Big Note. It promises to be an exceptional programme. To summarise, in the words of the master himself: “Music is the Best!”

Broadcast: Thursday 2 December, 22:00 CET. And, afterwards, available on Radio
on Demand via the programme guide.


Highlights of Concertzender Live in December

Which concerts must you not miss in December? Below a small selection of the most noteworthy events on Concertzender Live this month, plus some special broadcasts from last month which you can still hear via Radio on demand.

  • Christmas Eve in Leeuwenbergh Utrecht: On Christmas Eve there's a live broadcast of the Christmas concert by the Leeuwenbergh Vocaal Ensemble.
    Broadcast: 24 December from 22:00 CETkerstspel
  • Nieuw Amsterdams Kinderkoor + Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra:   Christmas game. The Concertzender
    will be recording the Christmas game
    played in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ.
    Broadcast: 27 December. The programme guide will tell you the time
    of the broadcast..

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Kleine Zaal ConcertgebouwKleine Zaal Concertgebouw

No doubt you have been to a concert in
the impressive Grote Zaal of the Koninklijk Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. But have you also been a concert in the Kleine Zaal? This
is the place in which to fully enjoy chamber music. 

You can hear the breathing of the musician and almost reach out and touch them. That is the magic of the Kleine Zaal. Discover that magic yourself and come and listen to a string quartet, piano recital, piano trio or vocal ensemble. For more information click here.


We are looking for new presenters!

The Concertzender is looking for presenters for our live broadcasts via cable and Internet. Visit our website for more information.


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