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Newsletter May '15


Readers, listeners,

“Architecture is frozen music.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)




This month you can win a Pentatone cd of the Seventh Symphony by Dmitri Shostakovich if you know the correct answer to our prize question. prijsvraag

Last month's question: ‘Treemonisha’ was composed by Scott Joplin in 1911. His orchestration was unfortunately lost due to water damage. The work was not thought interesting enough to preserve. In what
year did this happen and in what year was
the work first performed in Atlanta on the
basis of a reconstruction of the orchestral

The answer was: It was lost in 1962 and
the première was in 1972. The winner of
the cd of ‘Treemonisha’ is Emiel van Duijnen Montijn from Zutphen. Congratulations!

This month's question

May's prize question is: .....

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Early Austrian music by women from Prague and Poland

In ‘Concertzender Live’ on Thursday 14th May (20:00-22:00) you can hear Early Music from Austria, performed by women musicians from Prague and Poland. Tiburtina Ensemble

These are recordings we made during the
Utrecht Early Music Festival 2014. You can
hear the concerts by the Prague ensemble Tiburtina and the Polish Malgosia Fiebig, the carillon player from the Utrecht Dom Tower.

'Regina Lucti' or 'The grieving King': Spiritual
and lyrical poetry from around 1300 which
was played at the court of King Wenceslaus II. This music is being heard for the first time in
700 years. It consists of music and poetry dedicated to his wife, Judith van Habsburg.
It includes lovesongs from the king himself, from Walther von der Vogelweide and from Heinrich Frauenlob.

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New on the Concertzender: ‘Space Exposure’

On 24th May 2015 at 20:00 the Concertzender will begin its new monthly programme ‘Space Exposure’ with innovative and counter-intuitive electronic music. Ninja Tune

Programme maker Roel Janssen (see also ‘Introducing...’) says: “Once a month on the Concertzender between 20.00 and 21.00 on Sundays just before ‘X-Rated’ I'm going to present a programme with innovative and counter-intuitive electronic music, IDM, experimental techno, ambient, drum and bass, rave, downtempo and instrumental hiphop. It'll be a mix of old and new music.
I'll be playing artists form labels such as ‘Warp’, ‘Ninja Tune’, ‘Planet Mu’, etc.”

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cover Klassieke Zaken

Special offer ‘Klassieke Zaken’

The Concertzender works together with the magazine ‘Klassieke Zaken’ and this month
we can have an attractive offer for our

For just € 15,- you can take an annual subscription comprising of 6 issues of the magazine for fans of classical music, inclu-
ding a club pass. The pass allows you to
benefit from many (exclusive) discounts
on concerts, cds, books and more! Your subscription stops automatically after a year.

You can access this special offer via this link.



cd van de maand

CD of the month: ‘The Crystal Cowboy’ by Drew Lustman

The cd of the month has been selected by Roel Janssen (see also ‘Introducing...’).

Roel has the following to say about this cd: “A fantastic release by the American dj/producer Drew Lustman (also known as FaltyDL) on the British electronic music label ‘Planet Mu’. ‘The Crystal Cowboy’ is full of atmospheric, melodic and cosmic electronica, IDM, 90’s drum ‘n’ bass
& rave.”


Survey about video recordings

The Concertzender often makes use of help from trainees.

One of these trainees is Nick who is currently investigating the use of video during concert recordings made by the Concertzender. You can help him with his study by completing a questionnaire. The questionnaire is available via this link.

The questionnaire concerns video recordings and takes only a few minutes to complete.


Introducing … Roel Janssen, programme maker and presenter

Roel Janssen is the presenter of the new programme ‘Space Exposure’
which will be broadcast from the 24th May.
Roel Janssen

“I'm a music journalist and editor and for the
last five years I've worked fulltime for the popmagazine ‘LiveXS’. That was an enormous musical learning process during which I
discussed a huge number of new releases,
concerts and festivals and interviewed
hundreds of artists. I specialised in hiphop
and electronics. After my period with ‘LiveXS’
I wrote freelance for publications such as
‘FRET’, ‘State Magazine’, ‘Hiphopinjesmoel’
and ‘Reload’. For the radioprogramme
‘NightLiveXS’ on Kink FM I coordinated
concert discussions for a few years. Before
then I played a lot for pirate radio stations, internetstations and local broadcasters in North Brabant.”

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