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Newsletter February '14


Readers, listeners,

Too much beauty
can only be tolerated in moderation.

Gerrit Komrij

(from the collection ‘Humeuren en temperamenten’)



This month you can win a CD with piano sonatas by Franz Schubert if you can answer our question correctly.

The question last month was: Erich Wolfgang Korngold incorporated themes out
of which four films in his Violin concerto in D? The correct answer was: Another Dawn, Juarez, The Prince and the Pauper and Anthony Adverse. Prijsvraag
The winner is Wim van Dam from Drievliet.
He wins the Super Audio CD from the label Pentatone (Pentatone PTC 5186503) with
the Violin concerto from Max Bruch, ‘Poème’
from Ernest Chausson and the Violin concerto from Erich Wolfgang Korngold. The music is performed by Arabella Steinbacher (violin)
and the Orquestra Gulbenkian conducted by Lawrence Foster.

This month's question

What name is given to the Piano sonata D 840 from Franz Schubert? The entries with the
correct answer have a chance of winning the
CD with the recording of the Piano sonata
D 850 by the pianist Shai Wosner on the Onyx label (Onyx 4073).

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Acoustic Roots with Linde Nijland

On Friday 21 February (21:00 - 22:00) the folk singer and singer-
songwriter Linde Nijland is the guest in the live programme Acoustic
Roots, togther with the multi-instrumentalist Bert Ridderbos.

Linde NijlandLinde Nijland is the best-known folk singer in
the Netherlands. She has a crystal-clear voice and sings songs in the style of English, Irish
and American folk music. Linde began her career at an early age, as one half of the duo Ygdrassil. She performed with Ygdrassil for 15 years and made 5 albums. She has performed solo since 2007, accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Bert Ridderbos, sometimes in combination with other artists (including Iain Matthews and Fred Piek).

Her succesful homage to the British singer Sandy Denny (‘Linde Nijland sings Sandy Denny’) attrac-
ted the attention of the American producer Joe Boyd, who asked her to sing in
a reunion concert of the legendary group Fairport Convention in the Barbican
Hall in London in 2009.

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CD of the month: Requiem – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This month Robbert Jan de Neeve (see ‘Introducing...’) has chosen the CD
of the month.
Requiem Mozart

These recordings from 1991 have been re-
mastered and resissued by the label Alia Vox (AVSA9880). On the recording, early music specialist Jordi Savall turns his attention to
this well-known piece by Mozart. Robbert Jan
de Neeve gives the following reason for
selecting this CD: “The interesting thing
about this interpretation is that Jordi Savall approaches the piece in the same way as he perfoms early music. Everything is direct and
to the point, which adds another dimension.”

Mozarts Requiem

La Capella Reial de Catalunya. Le Concert des Nations conducted by Jordi Savall. Montserrat Figueras (soprano), Claudia
Schubert (alto), Gerd Türk (tenor), Stephan Schreckenberger (bass).


About Perestrojka

In March we will broadcast the last programme in the series Perestrojka.
This series has been made by Arthur Olof, who is also a director at the Concertzender. We talked to him about his love of Russian music.

Arthur Olof“My special interest in Russia began during secondary school. Initially with Russian literature and history. I wrote a report about the Russian Revolution for history and read all the plays by Tsjechov and the novels by Toergenjev, Poesjkin en Gogolj. Later on I also read the novels by Tolstoj and Dostojevski.
After leaving school I studied Slavic languages
in Leiden, that was in 1976, the time when
Karel van het Reve was a professor there. Unfortunately, I did not graduate because I failed Old Church Slavonic, but that had more
to do with my personal situation. However, one of my best friends at that time
was a music student who introduced me to the music of Sjostakovisj, and that
was the start of a love that has continued to this day.”

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World music nights live

The Concertzender has recorded many concerts with world music over the years. And world music covers such a large area and includes so many styles that we now have shelves that are full of recordings of exceptional concerts from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, India and the Arab world.

We started broadcasting these concerts again on the 8 November 2013, on the second weekend of the month, in the night from Saturday to Sunday from 00:00
to 07:00, with a repeat a week later. This gives you the chance to hear the full recordings of these concerts. And, as usual, the broadcasts are also then
available on the website to listen to on demand. Amsterdam Klezmer Band

8 February: ‘Yiddish Night Live II’

On Saturday night 8 February from 00:00 to 07:00 we will be broadcasting Yiddish Night
Live part II with Frank London (trumpet), Lorin Sklamberg (vocals) en Rob Schwimmer (piano), Man Bites Dog, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band,
The Krakau Klezmer Band, and the Klezmatics.

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New on the Concertzender: Het Klankcafé, Pure Classical and Madge-point!

In January and February the following new programmes are starting on the Concertzender: Het Klankcafé, Madge-point and Pure Classical.

KlankcaféHet Klankcafé

Broadcasts: Tuesday 25 February | Tuesday
25 March | Tuesday 22 April | Tuesday 20 May
| Tuesday 24 June, all from 18:00 - 19:00

The young savages from the Concertzender! Starting in February, on the third Tuesday of every month: a programme full of different musical styles, but always with classical music
as the basis. Presented by Louis Gauthier and Gerhardt, from Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam.

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Robbert Jan de Neeve: programme maker classical music

Robbert Jan started as a programme maker at the Concertzender at the end of
last year. He worked for many years in different functions concerned with the promotion of classical music in the Netherlands before retiring several years ago.

Robbert Jan de NeevePure Classical

“I make the weekly programme ‘Pure Classical’, which features only music from the Classical period, the period from 1750 to 1830.
I select the music, write the text for the programme and perform all the associated administrative tasks. In fact, this is the work
that all the programme makers do.”

Volunteer work

“I first got into contact with Sem de Jongh,
the director of the Concertzender, via LinkedIn.
That was in November last year. I has previous-
ly worked with him a few times during my period
at Classic FM and he asked me if I was interes-
ted in making programmes again. And that is what has happened. I like the idea of volunteer work and this allows me to make my experience with radio and music available to the Concert-

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