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Concertzender Newsletter December 2011



Dear reader,

December is a month of gift giving. In the same vein, the Concertzender has received the ANBI status; a great ‘gift’ for us and for you.  Thanks to this, you can donate economically. Read on for more info.  

At the end of November a brand new program by a new program maker started in Documento; a 20 part series. Read about the content and the maker in this newsletter.

Once more there is a prize question. This time there are no less that 4 CD’s that you can win.

In one of our other montly columns, ‘Introducing’, meet recording coordinator, Kees van de Wiel.

Right before the deadline of this newsletter we received the news that Montserrat Figueras passed away on Nov. 23. She was crucial to the development of the early music movement in Europe, together with husband Jordi Savall. Chief editor and early music program maker, Irene Stolp, compiled a special program in memory of Figueras. Because of this our programming for December has been altered. Read on for more information.

And finally news about our move to Utrecht from Amsterdam. Furniture, computers and over 20.000 CDs were moved. Read about why we moved and what our new contact details are.

This is our last newsletter of this year. Which is why we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best regards,


Donate to Concertzender and you can write off the tax via your income tax declaration.

Concertzender has received the ANBI status voor good causes. ANBI stands for ‘Institution for general benefit’. For you, this means that you can now donate inexpensively.

Donations are not taxed through the donation tax. You can declare your donation via your income tax return. The income tax autorities pay the tax part of your donation. That is advantageous for you and the Concertzender.

Would you like to donate to the Concertzender? Or would you like to know more about the ANBI? »check out our donation page.


New series in our program Documento: ‘Forgotten Treasures from Europe’

On Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011 a new series was launched in our program Documento: ‘Forgotten Treasures from Europe’. This will be broadcast every Sunday from 03.00 to 04.00 pm CET. In 20 episodes we feature unknown or obscure music by known and unfamiliar composers from the baroque and classical period. The series is the brain child of our new program maker, Hieke van Hoogdalem.

‘Forgotten Treasures from Europe’ features composers per region or country. A region will usually be the focus of several episodes.   

The first 3 episodes feature Holland. With Dutch composers, or composers who came to Holland to work or to have their works published. In the 3rd episode on Dec. 4 we spotlight 5 foreign composers who were attached to the royal court in 18th century The Hague.

In subsequent episodes we will travel to:

  • France
  • England
  • Italy
  • Bohemia
  • the German language area

Special Christmas
Hieke will put together a special Christmas broadcast. This will entail a miniature round trip through Europe, visiting forgotten jewels related to Christmas. Unlike the other episodes, this one will almost exclusively feature vocal music, as far more vocal than instrumental music was written for Christmas.

Hieke will also briefly step into the 20th century through several exquisite Christmas songs. These seamlessly fit into the atmosphere of early music.

For Hieke this particular episode is extra festive: “It is my 30th birthday on that day. Of course I am making this program for Christmas, but it also feels like a birthday gift to myself. And of course it is always fun to make a radio program with special music for a special moment in the year.”

More information?
Would you like to know how Hieke came up with the idea for this series? Or are you curious about what you can listen to in the episodes? »check out our weblog early music (in Dutch)

» listen to episode 1 featuring music by Hellendaal and Van Wassenaer
» tune in to episode 2 with music by Locatelli and Vivaldi


Kees van de Wiel – recording coordinator

“20 voluntary recording technicians working for Concertzender makearound 250 live recordings on just about every stage in the country. Since our move from Hilversum I coordinate the recordings together with Martijn Comes and Oriane van der Heijden. We organize and ultimately prepare all the recordings for the broadcasts on Concertzender.”

Carreer switch
“I came to Concertzender almost 11 years ago. First as voluntary program maker and recording producer and later as paid chief editor of the contemporary music department. Before that I worked for a large architecture firm in  ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland, my city of birth. Long ago I was educated as a city planner.

Since my childhood years I have been a passionate lover of music. In the beginning that entailed alternative pop music and not long after that, contemporary music. Around my  50th I decided to turn my working life around rigorously. I have never had cause to regret my decision.”

My own company
“In addition to my work for Concertzender I earn a modest living making concert and CD recordings. The past years I have learned a great deal working for Concertzender and with the help of my ‘good ears’ I am becoming better and better at this work.

Thanks to a small pre-pension I can afford to record only music which appeals to me. In particular contemporary music, including many premieres.

Furthermore I also work as a co-programmer and member of the board for » AxesJazzpower, a forum for new music in Eindhoven, Holland. I am also involved in several festivals and music ensembles, such as » Ensemble 306 and the festival » November Music.”

Tennis and walking
“When I am not at Concertzender, in a concert hall or in my own studio, I love a stiff round of competition tennis or going for a good long walk with  my wife in the beautiful nature of Brabant, Holland.”


Prize question

Do you know the answers to our prize questions? Send them to us and you might win a CD!

The prize question consists of 3 parts and is as follows:

1. When did the Schné Ensemble give its 1st concert?
2. Which members of the Schné Ensemble are also members of Mellow Melange?
3. What is the name of the string quartet that the Schné Ensemble plays with?

What can you win?
There are 4 prize CD’s to be won:

  • ‘Das Karussell’ - Schné Ensemble
  • ‘(Mein) Liebeslied’ - Schné Ensemble
  • ‘Without words’ - Mellow Melange (see depiction)
  • ‘Moments Musicaux’ - Ingo Höricht

How can you win?

We will chose from those who correctly answer the questions per lottery. The winners will be announced 14 days after the publication of this newsletter:

  • in an e-mail to the winners
  • via a news bulletin on » our website
  • in the next newsletter in our prize question column

This column is made possible in part by several record labels. They donate CD’s, DVD’s, concert tickets and books.

Concertzender commemorates Montserrat Figueras

On November 23 Montserrat Figueras passed away. This singer and pioneer of early music suffered from cancer. Irene Stolp, coordinatore and program maker, put together a special: El Cant de Montserrat Figueras. This memorial broadcast will take place on Sunday, December 4 from 04.00 to 05.00 pm CET.figueras

Together with her husband and gamba player Jordi Savall, Montserrat Figueras was indispensible to the beginning of the early music movement. Especially in Europe and particularly in Spain they were instrumental to the formation of the early music movement. Figueras is well known for her unique timbre and melancholy voice.

Early music broadcasts in December
Our early music program guide for December has been modified because of this special:

  • the special will replace ‘de Tuin van Oud (the Garden of Old)’; this will be broadcast one week later
  • the December episode of the series ‘Jordi Savall’ will also feature Montserrat Figueras and has moved to Dec. 18 instead of Dec. 25
  • there will be only one episode of  ‘Concertzender Live’, which will be aired on Dec. 25

Speciale broadcast

  • El Cant de Montserrat Figueras
  • Sunday Dec. 4
  • 04.00-05.00 pm CET

» read more about Montserrat Figueras on our site

» view the program of December 4


Concertzender moved to Utrecht due to collaboration with Vredenburg and Conclusion

At the end of October Concertzender moved to Utrecht because we have recently joined forces with Music centre Vredenburg and service provider Conclusion.

gebouw_czConclusion (see photo) has provided a part of their 19th floor to the Concertzender. In addition Conclusion owns Arrow Jazz FM, which is complimentary to the jazz department of the Concertzender. We will be making live broadcasts together on location. And we will record concerts at various locations and during festivals.

Music centre Vredenburg has made the Concertzender a permanent media partner.  This entails that we can record and broadcast their concerts live. Concertzender will thus be more intensely focussed on the programming of the Vredenburg. Of course we will also continue to make concert recordings as usual at other locations.

» read more about this collaborative effort
» read here for our new address


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Our following newsletter will appear in January 2012.
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