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The Concertzender in November: musical entertainment for all that autumn

herfstAutumn is showing itself, colours are changing, the days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and our lives are increasingly spent indoors. Grey and wet outside and nice and warm inside; it also invites us to listen to music more often and turn on the radio, for example.

In November, the Concertzender offers plenty of musical entertainment, comfort and beauty in all that autumn. Below are a number of examples from our enormous and diverse offering next month.


On demand

Theme: Contemporary Music


November MusicNovember Music

For the recording department, November always revolves around November Music, a festival for new music in Den Bosch. We make recordings there for the Concertzender, VPRO and the music video platform New Music Now.

The well-known and very idiosyncratic John Zorn is a guest there. Artist in residence is the cellist/singer Maya Fridman, whom we interviewed last Wednesday for the Concertzender Now program.

Listen: Concertzender Now from Wednesday October 25th

On October 14 we recorded the HOT Festival with clarinetist Steven Kamperman as the driving force.

Listen: Musicians Corner from Saturday October 14th


Every Saturday evening

Theme: Jazz


Intense November Month In Co Live!

Co Live! with Co de Kloet is broadcast every Saturday evening at 9 p.m. CET.

Co de Kloet en Mike BoddéListen: Looking back at the InJazz Festival with unique recordings of the showcases. Co Live!, Saterday November 4th, 21:00 - 22:00 CET.

Listen: Part 2 of the series The Piano Conversations, this time with Mike Boddé. Co Live!, Saterday November 11th, 21:00 - 22:00 CET.

Listen: Preview of the Electric Guitar Heaven festival that will take place on November 25th at the Q-Factory in Amsterdam. With beautiful guitar music and a conversation from the driving force behind it all, Jack Pisters. Co Live!, Saterday November 18th, 21:00 - 22:00 CET.

Listen: Co Live! in Nick Vollebregt Jazz Café: we dive into our brand new archive! Co Live!, Saterday November 25th, 21:00 - 22:00 CET.


Saturdays November 11 and 25

Theme: Jazz


Leonard BernsteinNew releases in Vocal Jazz and Leonard Bernstein in The Great American Songbook

On Saturday, November 11th, a very international Vocal Jazz with tracks from 5 new releases by jazz vocalists.

From Germany Anette von Eichel, from Sweden Hannah Svensson, from England Imogen Ryall, from Brazil Luciana Souza and from America Michelle Lordi.

Listen: Vocal Jazz, Saturday November 11th, 18:00 - 19:00 CET.

On Saturday November 25th in The Great American Songbook: Leonard Bernstein. His statement is: “Jazz is the ultimate common denominator of the American musical style.” We hear a.o.: Some Other Time, Something's Coming, Who Am I, Lucky To Be Me, Cool, New York, New York, I Feel Pretty, It's Love, Lonely Town and Cool/Jetsong.


From Monday November 6 and on demand

Theme: Classical


Bach and Death

More than 1200 episodes ago we decided to create a daily programme about Bach. The aim is to expose Bach's music as widely as possible and to showcase all kinds of performances and arrangements. Bach ad infinitum became a household name among many Concertzender listeners.

Every working day surprising and often breathtaking performances of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, often with an interpretation of the other Bach: Govert Jan Bach.

podcast Bach & CoThere is now also a podcast series about the music of J.S. Bach: Bach & Co, which zooms in on backgrounds, the spirit of the times, his personal life, but especially his music. And of course theology. The theme of the upcoming episodes of Bach & Co is 'Bach and Death'. The podcast takes a closer look at how people at that time dealt with death. After all, people 'fell' in droves, due to diseases, war, and of course high infant mortality.

Bach himself was an orphan, and had to bury many of his own children. Luther taught that you had to be ready for the moment you were going to die. That there were no more debts, that any disputes had to be settled, everything neatly cleaned up and completed. Ars moriendi, the art of dying. Remorse, comfort and relief. How does Bach incorporate death into his narrative and music?

Listen: 'Bach and Death' in Bach & Co, from Monday November 6th, also via your favorite podcast platform.


Saturday November 25

Theme: Contemporary Music | Cultural Interfaces


Chronicle of Dutch Music: Simeon ten Holt

Simeon ten HoltOn Saturday November 25 at 12:00 CET we are broadcasting an extra episode of our series Chronicle of Dutch Music. The programme presents an audio portrait made by photographer Merel Waagmeester about the creative process of composer Simeon ten Holt (January 24, 1923 – November 25, 2012).

Photographer Merel Waagmeester was asked by Tivoli Vredenburg in 2022 to create an exhibition for their Ten Holt festival day in January this year. This festival formed part of the celebrations of the centenary year of Simeon ten Holt’s birth. One of the letters that Simeon had written to her was the inspiration to create the exhibition using text and sound instead of images.

She reads passages from his diaries, extracts from his letters and reflections on his life and work and combines these with sound fragments. The sound fragments include many extracts from his music – particularly the lesser known works. The programme as a whole gives an impression of the creative process used by ten Holt and the way in which he continually explored untrodden territory to create his rich oeuvre.

Listen: Chronicle of Dutch Music, Saturday November 25th, 12:00 - 13:00 CET.


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