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The Concertzender in June: Summertime

summertimeThe days are getting longer, temperatures are rising, summer is approaching. It also makes it possible to enjoy your favorite music outside. With your earphones in or headphones on, slumped in the lounger, look up at the blue sky, listen to your favorite compositions or perhaps to the Concertzender, which again has a lot to offer in June.

This letter already contains some remarkable tips, such as the two-part series on "The Father of Musick" William Byrd in the Documento programme, or attention to the 'The Hague Sound', a style that originated in the 1970s with a direct, strong physical expressiveness . In Theme a number of examples of 'Hague Hacking'.

But also a lot of Jazz with, among others, The songs of Johhny Mandel in The Great American Songbook and again attention to Big Band music by Thad Jones/Mel Lewis and the Jazz Orchestra….



Wednesday June 28

Theme: Contemporary Music


Hague Hacking

The Theme program of Wednesday 28 June is all about the sound of The Hague. In the 1970s, a radically new sound emerged at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Led by composer Louis Andriessen, young composers were influenced by the direct, physical expressiveness of minimal music, rock music and jazz.

Ivan VukosavljevićContemporary, composed music was allowed to hit the listener hard in the stomach again. Powerful rhythms, mesmerizing musical patterns and a solid volume are not shunned. Young composers studying in The Hague still find inspiration in the uncompromising sound world of the Hague School. The Hague Hacking theme includes classic and lesser-known 'The Hague' works by Louis Andriessen, Otto Ketting and Diderik Wagenaar, among others.

The main part is the recent masterpiece The Burning by the Serbian-Dutch composer Ivan Vukosavljević, which gives a whole new twist to the intense Hague sound.

Listen: Theme, Wednesday June 28, 20:00 - 22:00 CET. Compiler: Mark van de Voort.


Thursdays June 15 and 29

Theme: Early Music


William Byrd, the "Father of Music"

In Documento on June 15th and 29th we broadcast a two-part series about William Byrd, who died 400 years ago, on July 4th, 1623. Reason to pay attention to this gifted English composer. Part 1 mainly focuses on his sacred music, in part 2 we hear his consort and keyboard music.

William ByrdAs a child, William Byrd (1543-1623) received music lessons from the famous composer Thomas Tallis in the Royal Chapel in London. At the age of 20 he was appointed organist of the cathedral in Lincoln, and 9 years later, in 1572, together with Tallis, he became organist of the Chapel Royal.

In 1575, again with Tallis, he obtained a license from Queen Elizabeth I to print and sell music. Byrd also wrote instrumental music, such as for organ, virginal and gamba consort. William Byrd died in his eighties on July 4th, 1623. Despite clashes with his employers and the fines he had to pay as a result, he died rich and was recorded in the annals of the Chapel Royal as "Father of Musick".

Listen: Documento on William Byrd, Part 1, Thursday June 15, 21:00 - 22:00 CET / Part 2, Thursday June 29, 21:00 - 22:00 CET.


Saturday June 24

Theme: Jazz



The Great American Songbook: The Songs of Johnny Mandel (1925-2020)

Johnny MandelJohnny Mandel first studied at the Manhattan School of Music. He then studied trumpet at Juilliard, but also played trombone and piano. Later he became a famous arranger and composer.

He was a generation younger than most of the composers of the Great American Songbook, but he also wrote fantastic compositions in the same tradition (such as The Shadow Of Your Smile, A Time For Love and Emily). These compositions are so admired by jazz musicians that they have become standards!

Listen: The Great American Songbook, Saturday June 24, 16:00 - 17:00 CET.


Saturday June 17

Theme: Jazz


Thad JonesIn the picture: Thad Jones (1923-1986)

House of Hardbop in June highlights the music of composer, arranger and trumpeter Thad Jones. He was born on March 28, 1923 in Pontiac, Michigan and grew up in an exceptionally musical family. His eldest brother was the famous pianist Hank Jones and his youngest brother was the drumming icon Elvin Jones. As a trumpet player, composer and arranger he made a name for himself in Count Basie's orchestra.

After meeting drummer Mel Lewis, the idea arose to start an orchestra together. That idea was finally realised in 1965, initially as a rehearsal orchestra with the best jazz musicians from the New York studios.

They came together at night to play pure jazz music under the inspiring leadership of Thad Jones who took care of the arrangements. Under the name Thad Jones/Mel Lewis and The Jazz Orchestra, this band quickly grew into one of the most innovative and controversial Big Bands in the history of jazz.

Listen: the first broadcast of House of Hardbop on Thad Jones, Saturday June 17, 17:00 - 18:00 CET.


Every Saturday

Theme: Jazz


Co Live! at the InJazz Festival

InJazzThe Concertzender program Co Live! is broadcast every Saturday from 21:00 to 22:00 CET. On 22 and 23 June the programme makers are present at the InJazz Festival in Rotterdam.

Co de Kloet will be interviewing the conference attendees, talking to the new winner of the Boy Edgar prize, participating in panel discussions and recording some of the new music from the musicians and composers present at the festival. The Co Live! broadcasts of July 22 and 29 as well as August 5 will be dedicated to InJazz.

Listen: the next episode of Co Live!, Saturday June 3, 21:00 - 22:00 CET.


Fourth Friday of every month

Theme: World Music


Stan Rijven’s Mariama is now called Ritmundo

For the last three years Stan Rijven has been one of the programme makers responsible for Mariama, our programme devoted to African music. Stan has a broad musical interest and is difficult to pigeonhole. The themes and subjects in his programmes are wide-ranging and are always within a broader context. He makes beautiful connections with music styles from other corners of the world.

RitmundoMariama, with its exclusive focus on African music, is therefore a bit restrictive for Stan. For that reason, his program will continue to be broadcast at the same time as Mariama but under the new name Ritmundo. It doesn't matter much; it is and remains radio as we like to hear it: adventurous, unexpected and above all with beautiful music. From Afropop to music from other parts of the world. Just so you know!

Ritmundo broadcasts every 4th Friday of the month at 20:00 CET with a repeat on the Saturday of the following week at 00:00 CET. As with all our programmes, Ritmundo can also be listened to 24/7 via the website of De Concertzender.

Listen: Ritmundo, Friday June 23, 20:00 - 21:00 CET.


Wednesday June 21



Lecture for friends of the Concertzender

Leo Samama, will give a lecture entitled All music is always contemporary, especially for donors and friends of the Concertzender.

Leo SamamaIt may be a strange observation, but all music is always contemporary. We simply cannot listen in the past. Any music we listen to is contemporary to our ears and brain. We can listen to the past, for example to a sound recording from 1920 or 1970. But not in the past.

And because there are no sound recordings of performances from the time of Beethoven or Bach, we can therefore never experience the sound of it – as it sounded at the time. We remain exiles in our own time. Leo Samama will elaborate on this fascinating phenomenon by providing listening and thinking examples.

Leo Samama is a composer and musicologist. He has written books on various subjects in classical music. For the Concertzender he makes the program The String Quartet.

Become a donor and thus a friend of the Concertzender; it gives you access to this interesting lecture. Your contribution, big or small, enables us to continu broadcasting the often unique and surprising music that can only be heard at the Concertzender. Click here to become a friend!

Lecture for donors: All music is always contemporary, Wednesday June 21, 14:00 - 16:00 CET, Theater Kikker (Foyer), Ganzenmarkt 14, Utrecht. You can register via e-mail: vrienden@concertzender.nl or via our website. The lecture will be in Dutch.


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