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Newsletter November 2011


Dear reader,

Autumn has begun and the days are getting colder. Luckily the music of B’Rock is there to keep you warm. Read on for more info.

Unfortunately there is no prize to be won this time around in our Prize Question column. You can find the name of the winner of the former prize question there, however, and the correct answers to the questions.

Finally, in ‘Introducing’, meet Willem van Manen, coordinator of our jazz department.

We wish you pleasant reading.

Tip from the editor: B’rock combines Vivaldi with Cage.

Program maker Irene Stolp recommends a unique concert by the baroque orchestra B'Rock from Gent. We will broadcast this concert on Sunday Nov. 20 from 02.00 pm to 03.00 pm.

On their newest release, ‘8 Seasons’, the musicians of B’Rock alternate the 4 Seasons of Vivaldi with a string quartet by John Cage, the 4 parts of which are also inspired by the seasons. Harpsichordist, composer and conductor Frank Agsteribbe, co-founder of  B'Rock, orchestrated this string quartet for his baroque orchestra.

B'Rock was born out of a passion for renewal and rejuvenation of the world of early music. B’rock consists of 20 national and international musicians, specialised in historically informed performance practice. As the name indicates, they have chosen a fresh, unconventional approach to baroque music which they perform with verve.

Vivaldi en Cage played by B’Rock: both worlds fit together remarkably well. The very well known music of Vivaldi sounds new when confronted with the detached and contemplative music of John Cage.
You can find more info about B’Rock on » www.b-rock.org.

» Check out our program guide for broadcast info about B’Rock.

Willem van Manen – editor-in-chief Jazz department

“I have always been a great lover of Concertzender because of the authentic, non-commercial music. The music is brought to the listener in an uncut, worthy manner without unnecessary chatter.

In the middle of 2005 I ran into Jaap Lüdeke in the Bimhuis. Jaap had been working for Concertzender for years. He was an eminent authority on Dutch jazz, and from 1996 he had his own program,  'Lüdeke Straightahead', which he also presented for the CZ.

Jaap told me that there was a position available at Concertzender and asked me if it was something I was interested in. I applied and was hired. Unfortunately Jaap passed away, but I am eternally grateful to him.

As editor-in-chief of the jazz department I preside over around 20 program makers. I control the music material which then goes to the presentation and technique departments.  
I also make programs myself: for ‘Moments of Modern Jazz’, ‘House of Hard Bop’ and ‘The Art of the Improvisers’.”

Trombone player
“I am a musician and composer. As trombone player I have been performing for over 50 years of which 40 years as a professional. My practice was in the areas of modern jazz and contemporary composed  music.  

I played in de ensembles of, among others:

I also founded my own orchestras: Boventoon, with which I won the Wessel Ilcken Prijs in 1974, the Springband and the Contraband, which I left in 2005. I also played in Orchestra de Volharding from its conception in 1972 until 1997.

In 2005 I decided to end my work as trombone player because I felt I could no longer play at top level. I had a good time and my trombone and I have travelled over the whole world.”

“As a composer I am mostly autodidactic. I have written work for, amongst other things:

  • the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
  • the Nederlands Studenten Orkest
  • Orkest de Volharding

I compose for very diverse instrumental combinations. It could be a piece for guitar and trombone, a reed quintet, or brass band, for example.

In addition I taught trombone and music history at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam for 15 years. After this carriere my work for Concertzender was a blessing! I still love doing this.”

Active life
“My interest in music extends to many forms of jazz music, but also to contempary classical music and experimental cross-over. I love going to concerts and am on the board of the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. For fun I still play in a swing band and occasionally receive composing commissions.

In addition I have broad cultural interests. I collect modern art, keep up to date on literature and often go to films. As far as sports are concerned I am very fond of tennis, which I practice twice a week. I also love good food...”

Want to know more about Willem? » View a selection of his compositions on discography on Wikipedia.

Prize Question

There is no prize to be won this month, alas. However, the winner of last month’s prize and the correct answers can be found here.

Last month’s prize question was as follows: In which year, by whom and why was The Monteverdi Choir founded?”

The correct answers were:

  • 1964

  • John Eliot Gardiner

  • for a performance of the Vespro della Beata Vergine by Monteverdi

The winner is J. Joose from Rotterdam. Congratulations! Your prize is underway.

This column is made possible by diverse record labels. They provide us with CD’s, DVD’s, books and concert tickets.

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