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Nieuwjaarskaart ConcertzenderThe Concertzender in January: good intentions and 24/7 special music

We also have good intentions for the new year: a year full of special music in many genres for everyone to hear! You may think, haven't they been doing that for years? That's right, the Concertzender has been on the air for almost forty years!

Special decades, because a lot has changed in radioland in the meantime. From the ether to the internet, from live to on demand, the arrival of commercial broadcasters. And we have not been idle at the Concertzender itself. From broadcasting on a few evenings a week to 24/7, from 80 to 180 unpaid programme makers and technicians, moved from Amsterdam to Utrecht.

And this year we will continue to improve the Concertzender. You as a listener can also help out, read below if you want to know how.

What always stays is the music!


Sunday 29th January

Theme: Crosslinks


Space Exposure: 200 times on a musical space journey

On Sunday evening 29th January you will hear the 200th episode of Space Exposure. Especially for this festive occasion, programme maker Roel Janssen presents the best from his programme of the past 7.5 years.

Roel JanssenThe music he plays ranges from dark danceable techno to atmospheric IDM/electronics and tranquil melancholic ambient. Roel Janssen about his music choices: “It is very specific electronic experimental music. Inaccessible to the general public and often also obscure because it is not or rarely played.”

Space Exposure has been a musical trip through space for 200 episodes. Not so much because of the universe or time, but more because you can space out to the music, dream away. “The space rows take you to higher spheres. In addition, the music gives you the space to lift yourself out of the daily grind. I usually play one or two older tracks as a nod to the past in which endless beautiful things were made, but otherwise there is a lot of attention for new electronic music.”

Space Exposure by Roel Janssen is broadcast every two weeks between 8 and 9 pm. Every first Sunday of the month with a presentation, and every third and possibly fifth Sunday of the month there is a Space Exposure In The Mix. The broadcast for the 29th of January can be found here.


Every weekday

Theme: Early Music


Also in 2023 Bach ad Infinitum

standbeeld BachIn the new year we can listen to new episodes of Bach ad Infinitum again.

Due to illness, the programme makers had no opportunity to make new broadcasts in recent months. Fortunately, everyone is healthy again and from December 19th, 2022, after a period of reruns, freshly made episodes of Bach ad Infinitum can be heard again.

New, festive episodes can also be expected in January 2023. In the first week of January 2023 we will hear, among other things, cantata Das neugeborne Kindelein for the first Sunday after Christmas, a New Year's cantata, the complete B Minor Mass Messe and on Epiphany in episode 1125 (!) Parts V and VI from the Christmas Oratorio.

Browse here in the more than 1000 past episodes.


Bi-weekly from Friday 6th January

Theme: World Music


Live World Music on Friday night

Another change in the programming: Concertzender Live World has moved from Saturday afternoon to Friday evening. The programme can be heard there every two weeks and alternates with Orient Express.

ANIM EnsembleOn Friday January 6th, you can listen to the concert of the Afghan Anim Ensemble that they gave on November 5th, 2022 on music stage 'de X' in Leiden. This group aims to preserve the rich Afghan music tradition. This company had already been programmed there under the name of Safar, but corona and especially the takeover of power in 2021 by the feared Taliban regime threw a spanner in the works. Many musicians of the Afghan National Institute of Music (ANIM) from Kabul, have therefore been forced to seek refuge in Portugal to continue their work in exile.

The ANIM Ensemble is led by Ustad Mohammad Murad Sarkhosh, the same grandmaster who also led Safar, and who, as rector of the ANIM, has been trying to keep the torch of Afghan music burning for years. For the concert in Leiden, he was accompanied by four young talented students from the ANIM, including rubab maestro Ramez Safar. The broadcast for Friday the 6th of January can be found here.


Wednesday 11th January (Theme) and on demand (Concertzender Live)

Theme: Contemporary Music | Crosslinks



In memory of Mimi Parker

In both Theme and Concertzender Live we pay attention to the American band Low. Theme on Wednesday the 11th of January features a two-hour special in memory of Mimi Parker. Parker passed away on November 5, 2022 from cancer. Parker was a drummer and vocalist.Low And together with husband and guitarist Alan Sparhawk she formed the duo Low.

Both Theme and Concertzender Live focus on the concert recordings made by recording engineer and programme maker Kees van de Wiel on 22nd January 2009 in the Catharina Church in Eindhoven. The Theme-special also has ample attention for highly acclaimed albums such as Secret Name, A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief, The Great Destroyer, Things We Lost In The Fire and Drums And Guns. Low's extensive oeuvre was characterized by the beautiful harmony vocals of Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk and their heavily slow renditions of the life song. With their soothing vocals and minimalistic melancholic melodies, Low was one of the figureheads of slow-core.

The Concertzender Live broadcast from the 29th of December can be found here and the Theme broadcast for the 11th of January here.





Improved search function on website

On our website we offer you the entire, rich offer of the Concertzender. So much that it is sometimes a bit unclear. dense forestWith an improved search function, it is now easier to find a programme or piece of music.

You can help us by trying out the search function and letting us know what you think of this search method. Leave your feedback and let us know:

• What are the three search terms you used the most?

• Did the search results provide the answer you were looking for?

• What do you think of the way the search results are displayed?

Send your feedback to info@concertzender.nl. Thank you in advance!




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