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Newsletter September 2019




Familiar and unfamiliar

New year in Utrecht takes place between the end of August and the beginning of September. If you listen close enough through the glass of the Tivoli Vredenburg you’ll hear the Neapolitan sounds of the Early Music Festival dying away while the roadies of Gaudeamus are already getting their contemporary music festvial ready.

editorialBut there is much more going on, old and new, familiar and unfamiliar. This month, we’re introducing you to the mysterious Anna Cramer and the contents of her suitcase. Less mysterious but equally fascinating is Pierre Boulez, our composer of the month. You’ll hear the brilliant podium debut (Ok: as duo) by Jasper van ’t Hof and Yuri Honing and the equally mysterious as fascinating Dr. Klangendum celebrates his 300th. The doctors broadcast live from the Concertzender studio on 15th September from 18:00 .

We’re still interested in what you think of us. Do you get up earlier because of the Ochtendeditie? Do you go to work more relaxed thanks to Hummel, or do you feel better listening to Dr. Klangendum? What do you think of our musical choices? The presentation? The themes? Tell us! And that also applies to this newsletter, the app and all the other programmes and concerts we record and broadcast. See you next month.



Sunday 15th September 2019

Theme: Crosslinks

Genres: Ambient | Electronic Music | Experimental Music


Dr. Klangendum: radiophony

Dr. Henk Klangendum Bakker and Dr. Lukas Klangendum Simonis have been building Dr. Klangendum since 2nd July 2013 with a group of colleagues. Indepedent sound art, radiophonic projects and other audio-non-visual misunderstandings. Dr. KlangendumYou could call it a series. But Dr. Klangendum is no standard format, because the doctors cannot abide routine, fixed formats and automatically going through lists.

There is continuity, too. There are regular colleagues such as Adam Bohman, Vincent Denieul, Sara Pinheiro and many others. Dr.Klangendum also works together with the Radia network, Radia FM and there are recurring subjects such as specials about sound artists, radiophonic sound games and running productions.

In the last week of August 2019 the doctors will be presenting their 300th episode. On Sunday 15th September the Dr. Klangendum doctors will be coming to the Concertzender studio in Utrecht and from there from 18:00 will infect the mixing table with a three hour long sound spectacle. Get ready for it!

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Sunday 22nd September 2019

Theme: Classical Music



The engimatic Anna Cramer

Anna CramerOn 4th June 1968 Anna Cramer passed away. 95 years old. No family, no posessions apart from a suitcase locked away in a bank vault. On 22nd September Evert Jan Nagtegaal will be devoting a special edition of Die Sanck een Liedt to Anna Cramer, one of the most enigmatic composers the Netherlands has ever known.

Anna Merkje Cramer was born in Amsterdam on 15th July 1873, with a father who combined an office job with making oil. We know little more: we know almost nothing about Anna’s youth or the rest of her life. Only with the publication of the biography ‘Mythe en werkelijkheid’ in 1999 by Jeanine Landheer, some of the many gaps in the picture were filled.

Who was Anna Cramer?
Around her 20st Anna Cramer was working as a maidservant and in 1895 she started studying at the Amsterdam Conservatorium. She got her diploma after only 2 years (!) and left for Germany, firstly for Berlin and later Munich, before landing in Vienna in her mid-20’s.

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Saturday 14th September 2019

Theme: Jazz


Jasper van ’t Hof meets Yuri Honing: U Jazz

On Saturday 13th July the Concertzender broadcast the first episode of material from the U Jazz festival 2018. In the second episode with recordings from that festival 2018 the focus is on Jasper van ’t Hof, the Utrechtse Jazz Archipel and a first: Van ’t Hof playing together with Yuri Honing.Jasper van t Hof

Jasper van t Hof
Jasper van ‘t Hof kicked off his musical career in the mid 60’s. His impressive list of collaborations and albums as pianist and keyboard player resulted in his being awarded at the beginning of December 2018 the BUMA Boy Edgar Prijs, the apex of all Dutch Jazz Awards. A week later he was the chief guest at the U Jazz Festival 2018 in Cloud Nine in TivoliVredenburg.

Van ‘t Hof is one of the most active jazz musicians in Europe and has recorded more than more than 70 albums. He played as keyboard player with Archie Shepp and many others, although he is best known for his brilliant solo playing. He won the Bird Award in 1997 as well. After more than 50 years of playing all over the world Van t Hof is still curious.

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from January 2020

Theme: Classical Music


BeethovenAnd the Title is . . . . .

Let’s admit it: @Concertzender we just like series. Just think: Bach ad Infinitum is heading for its 750th episode. Via the site or our app you can spend almost an entire working week with Hummel. Last week we broadcast the 25th and last episode of Finlandia, but the programme Droom & Daad already has new projects in sight.

And elsewhere in this newsletter you can read about the 300th episode of the inimitable Dr. Klangendum, with one of the nicest and quizziest tunes in radio history, derived from a popular 1980s game show. Just listen.

Your attention for..
In January 2020 the Concertzender will be starting a series about a giant from musical history. A composer with Belgian forefathers, who spoke basic Rhenish and loved strong coffee, moving house, blunt humour and spaghetti with meatballs. His revolutionary cantata, written at the tender age of 19 was performed only 100 years later.

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Monday 2nd September 2019

Theme: Contemporary Music

Composer of the month: Boulez

The annual Gaudeamus festival for young composers is taking place this month in Utrecht. This offers us a reason to reflect on one of the most important post-war composers, the Frenchman Pierre Boulez.

BoulezHe studied with Olivier Messiaen and many others and realized at an early age who were to be his most important sources of inspiration: Debussy because of the form and sound of his compositions, the Second Viennese School because of their expressionism and Stravinsky because of his collage-like structures. Boulez’ synthesis of all these aspects in his music is convincing and is completely original.

His music made it also clear that his personality was much stronger than the movement with which he is often associated, serialism. Boulez was also a great conductor, an important writer and an influential figure in cultural politics. More than enough reasons for us to present a portrait of a man who is often considered to be as important as Beethoven and Wagner.

Monday 2 September from 16:00 tot 17:00 CET.





Always wanted to work for the Concertzender? This is you chance!

vacanciesQuality radio, for listeners who are truly interested in music and with music in every imaginable genre. The team at the Concertzender has been making such radio for almost 40 years, with programmes in which the music, the musicians and the listeners are of central importance.

We do this 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. This is radio for people who want to listen to music and without any concessions to satisfy advertisers or maximise the number of listeners. On the Concertzender you really will hear something that is not being broadcast anywhere else!

There is also good news for people who don’t only want to listen to (or read about) the Concertzender but would like to get more actively involved. We have a couple of vacancies, including the position of coordinator for our World music programmes. Look on the website at vacancies for more details about this position and all the other vacancies. Contact us if you are interested in joining the team.



before 20th September 2019

Theme: Contemporary Music

Prize draw

With last month’s questionnaire we put some general questions about the Concertzender. We are curious about your opinion about our radio station, our programmes and about anything else that you may like to share with us. And here’s the good news: it is not too late to respond, so send your reaction to the Concertzender.

prize drawThe ‘winner’ will be selected at random from the respondents and will win a copy of Arthur Olof’s (Dutch-language) book about Russian music. Good for your Dutch, and the work is stuffed with QR-codes that give access to almost everything the Concertzender has ever broadcast about Russian music.

There is also a music question this month which has been inspired by the CD ‘Louis Andriessen – Chamber Music at Orlando‘. This CD features a selection of works by Louis Andriessen for small ensembles including Elegy, Double, Disco, Silver and To Pauline O.

The question is: who is Pauline O? Send in your answer before 20th September.

The winner will be chosen from the respondents with the correct answer and will receive a copy of the CD Louis Andriessen Chamber music at Orlando, featuring the Nemtsov Duo, Avanesian Duo, AuRoRa Duo and an Ensemble led by Henk Guittart. This CD was published by the label Et’Cetera [KTC 1657].



before 15th September 2019


Vote for the Concertzender!

Online Radio AwardsThis year the Concertzender is again in with a chance of winning one or more of the Online Radio Awards‬. The Online Radio Awards are awarded during the Dutch Media Week.

The organisations responsible for the Dutch Music Week are the verenigde-Online Radiostations (v-OR) and the media platform Spreekbuis.nl. The awards are open to ‘internet only’ radio stations and podcasts.

There are Online Radio Awards in the categories Online Radiostation, Best Podcast and Best Online Presenter.

The Concertzender programmes that are candidates for these awards are X-Rated, Die Sanck een Liedt en Sound the Trumpet, Strike the Viol! Our candidates for the Best Online Presenter award are Bob Rusche, Evert Jan Nagtegaal and Sjaak Roodenburg.

You can vote for your favourite online radiostation, programme and presenter until 15 September 2019 on the Online Radio Award website. The winners of the Online Radio Awards will be announced on Wednesday 9 October as part of the Dutch Media Week



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