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Concertzender Newsletter May 2011


Dear reader,

Are you aware that an iPad can produce very interesting sounds? Come to the mini electronics festival, ‘Electronic Frequencies’ on May 21 and experience the vast possibilities and applications of electronic music. Admission is free, though a donation would be very welcome!

Hessel Veldman and Harmen Jan Holman are the organisers of this festival in MuzyQ in Amsterdam. Meet Harmen Jan in our column ‘Introducing’....

The prize question is back! Read up on how you can win a CD by the Monteverdi Choir led by Sir John Eliot Gardiner!

The Concertzender wishes you pleasant reading!

From Theremin to iPad

The Concertzender is pleased to announce ‘Electronic Frequencies’ on Saturday, May 21st. This mini music festival, an afternoon of electronic music, will commence at 04:00 pm in MuzyQ in Amsterdam.

Through this festival, the Concertzender provides fascinating insights into the developments and possibilities of electronic music. From Theremin to the latest iPad applications, every aspect is covered. We are pleased to invite you to join us!
Particularly fascinating is the combination of demonstrations and 'unplugged' live concerts. The short and intimate concerts in » MuzyQ will be performed by prominent musicians who make creative use of the possibilities which electronic music  has to offer.

Aside from the concerts there will be (product) demonstrations and information booths which will include:

  • Steim
  • Music-IT
  • MCN

The afternoon will also be an excellent opportunity to inform you about the Concertzender’s current state of affairs, to exchange information, and meet like-minded spirits.

04:30 pm - Jon Reus will share his knowledge of the phenomenon ‘apps’ and of interactive designs in music. Includes a demonstration of his own design: the Crackle iPhone-app.
05:00 pm  - Jacqueline Oskamp will present her new book ‘Onder Stroom’  (Under Current); the history of Dutch electronic music.

05:30 pm - Wilco Botermans will play the Theremin, the instrument which more or less launched the ship of electronic music history.

06:00 - Andrea Taeggi utilizes the possibilities of the new Elektron synthesizer in a short, improvised performance.

07:30 - Gert-Jan Prins will give an exclusive concert using electronic instruments and circuits which he built himself..

08:00 pm - Dirk Serries adds another episode to his series, ‘Microphonics’. He uses the guitar:
» Gibson Les Paul as a source of sound for his electronic sound arsenal.

Harmen Jan Holman - programmer and producer of events in MuzyQ, Amsterdam

“I do all sorts of things, from taking minutes at the Concertzender’s coordinators meetings to hanging curtains. My most important work these days is programming and producing Concertzender events in Muzy-Q. This includes the performance of the ‘Symphonie des Trottoirs’ this April and the mini electronics festival on May 21.  And there is more to come...
 Not surprisingly I have a great love for music and I am interested in many kinds of music. The Concertzender is just the right place for me.
I am fascinated time and again by the enormous input of my Concertzender co-workers and the passion for music which we share. That is very inspiring!
 I have been working for the Concertzender for 1.5 years. I was just on time for the move to MuzyQ.

From insurance company to radio station
“I was a senior claims consultant with a large insurance company for around 8 years. This entailed commercial, financial and legal work. I found this work quite interesting but missed my freedom and the possibilities for creative development. That’s why I made the leap to the culture sector.”

Problem solver and ambitious person
“I like solving business and practical problems within the cultural sphere. That is why I work for the youth music theater group Musiscoop and support productions and performances with, for example, technical work and text advice. In addition I am researching the possibilities of basing a performance on one of the first female astronomers. Music theatre based on images and improvised music.
Nevertheless I am still searching for an interesting steady job which integrates the cultural and business sectors.”

Violin, accordeon, artist
“I particularly express my love for music by playing the violin a great deal. Some years ago I co-founded the Amsterdam Baroque Society and am now its chairman. You do have to take the Baroque with a grain of salt: on May 4th we are playing Bruckner en Mahler's Kindertotenlieder in de Dominican church in Amsterdam. This includes the terrific mezzo soprano Barbara Kozelj, film fragments and the 2 minutes of silence. It will be very profound.

I also love making lighter music on the button accordion, preferably music from the Balkan region. Recently I have also been playing violin and accordion in the band Red@Blues; blues standards with a gypsy jazz feel.  
When I have time left over, I am busy in my studio behind the lathe.”

Prize question

Do you know the answer to the following question? Send it to us and maybe you will win a CD!

The winners of the previous prize question have received their prizes.

New prize question
This consists of several questions:

  • what is the name of the pilgrimage which pilgrims make to Santiago de Compostella?
  • how can you recognize them?
  • what do they wear?

What can you win?

  • the CD ‘Santiago a cappella’
  • by the Monteverdi Choir led by Sir John Eliot Gardiner
  • on his own label Soli Deo Gloria (SDG 710)

What must you do?

We will allocate one CD to the winner by lottery. This will become known:

  • 14 days after this newsletter comes out
  • in an email to the winner
  • via a news bulletin on » our website
  • in the next newsletter with the next Prize Question column
This column is made possible thanks to the generosity of several record labels. They donate the CD’s, DVD’s and concert tickets

Next newsletter
The next Concertzender newsletter will appear in June.
Please keep an eye on » our website for the latest news items.


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