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Newsletter June '15

  Henry Miller

Readers, listeners,

“Music is the can opener of your soul.”

Henry Miller, American author (1891-1980)





This month you can win a CD of the label Pentatone with performances of Symphony No 1 and the ‘Poem of Ecstasy’ Skrjabinby Alexander Scriabin if you know the answer to the question.

Last month the question was: In the first part of the seventh symphony of Dmitri Shostakovich the composer quotes another piece of his own music. Which piece is that? The correct answer was: His opera ‘Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District’. The winner is Tessa Heeroma from Amsterdam. The CD with music of Shostakovich
is on its way to her.

This month's question

June's prize question is: .....

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‘Concertzender Live’: Les Flamboyants, Per Sonat and Ricercar ConsortCéline Scheen

Thursday 11 June (20.00-22.00) in ‘Concert-
zender Live’ you will hear not two but three concert recordings of the Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht 2014 (Festival Early Music) this time: Les Flamboyants, Per Sonat and the Ricercar Consort with soprano Céline Scheen.

During the concert of Les Flamboyants renais-
sance music will sound which include a virtuoso arranged qoudlibet by Heinrich Isaac. Les Flam-
boyants are specialised in instrumental music from around 1500. The ensemble performs
music by Isaac with a singer, gambas, flutes
and plucked instruments.

Per Sonat, conducted by Sabine Lutzenberger, also performs renaissance music but around
‘the Habsburg mayor of Augsburg’.

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Jew's harp workshop in Amersfoort

The Jew's harp is a small plucked instrument which is being played in many music genres: from folk music, classical music and contemporary dance music
to post electronic music.

The Jew's harp is found in Italy, Austria, Norway, Russia, the United States and Indonesia. Each continent has its own Jew's harp traditions.
Since a few years Yakutia (north eastern Siberia) has known a national holiday for the Jew's harp: Khomus Day. There is no other country where
the Jew's harp is held in such a high regard.

Night of the Jew's harp

A few years ago Jew's harp player Danibal already composed a ‘Night of the Jew's harp’ for the Concertzender and we are trying to get him to prepare a sequel to this.

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CD of the month: ‘The Complete Alpha Recordings’ cd van de maand

The CD of the month was chosen by Louke Helle (see 'Introducing...')

Her explanation on this choice: “I chose a not very recent but a very beautiful collection: ‘The Complete Alpha Recordings’ by the Ensemble L’Arpeggiata conducted by Christina Pluhar. This is a collection box with six CDs full of beautiful music. Especially the number ‘Homo fugit velut umbra’ still moves me deeply.”

Last year a selection of this box was broad-
casted in the programme ‘Klassieke Zaken’ (Classical Affairs).


The Young FolkThe Young Folk in ‘Acoustic Roots’

In June the Irish folk band The Young Folk will perform in the Pieternel of the Pieterskerk in Utrecht. The recording is private so without an audience and will be broadcasted on 19 June from 21.00 till 22.00.

The Young Folk is an Irish band formed around singer, guitarist and songwriter Anthony Furey. As the son of George Furey who was part of the famous band the Furey Brothers, he comes from a musical family. Anthony Furey not only has a talent for composing but also a beautiful voice. And he sure isn't the only one of the band who can sing; in several songs the voices of the band melt together in beautiful harmonies.

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‘Café Zimmermann’ with Henk van Zonneveld

In a new episode of ‘Café Zimmermann’, in which we receive guests with a passion for Bach, our guest is harpsichord player, organ player, teacher and conductor Henk van Zonneveld. He will crack a Bach code for us.Henk van Zonneveld

According to many the masterwork of Bach is his last keyboard work: ‘Die Kunst der Fuge’, next
to his St Matthew's Passion and High Mass. Countless performances and over 200 different CD registrations have only one thing in common: they all start with the first fugue (BWV1080/1). Otherwise they continue to differ regarding to
the number and order of the remaining fugues and canons.

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Louke HelleIntroducing… Louke Helle, assistant secretary

Louke Helle is 64 years old. She ended up at the secretariat of the Concertzender via the Amsterdam Vrijwilligerscentrale (a centre
for volunteers). She has been working at
the Concertzender for over five years now.

“My work is diverse. I enter new CDs in the database and I check if old CDs have been entered correctly. Especially the number of
tracks with the correct times are important
to the broadcasts. After the broadcasts I put
the used CDs back to where they belong. We have stored over 20,000 CDs. So each CD has
to be put back in its right place, otherwise we
will never find it again.”

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