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Newsletter April '15


Readers, listeners,

“The most important part of music is not in the notes.”

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)



This month you can win a Pentatone cd , containing a performance of Scott Joplins ‘Treemonisha’, if you successully answer the prize question.prijsvraag

Last month's question was: in the Pentatunes programme you heard music by George Antheil. Together with actress Hedy Lamarr he worked on an innovation, which today is very important for example for the mobile network. What was the name of the innovation?

The answer is: ‘frequency hopping’. They called their discovery ‘Secret Communications System’. The winner of the George Antheil cd is Bob van Eijk. Congratulations!

This month's question

April's prize question is as follows: .....

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de blokfluit van Erik BosgraafThe recorder in ‘Bach ad Infinitum’

From 6th until 17th April ‘Bach ad Infinitum’
(every workday from 13.00 to 14.00) will
be devoted to the recorder, de ‘flauto dolce’ (gentle flute).

It was seen as the instrument of the poor and symbolic of suffering, death and decline. You can hear instrumental works, but also cantatas in which the recorder (one or mostly two) plays a role. On Wednesdays (8th and 15th April) you can hear a soloist portrait of the recorder player Erik Bosgraaf. On Fridays 10th and 17th April the week closes with the debut cd of a new star, the French harpischordist Jean Rondeau.


Luister cover

Readers offer Luister

‘Luister’ is the Dutch magazine about classical music, with cd and dvd reviews, interviews and audio information.

The Concertzender is offering readers of the newsletter a discount on a yearly subscription
to ‘Luister’ magazine. It will cost € 27.50 instead of € 49.95.

Send an email to » abonnement@BCM.NL headed Code LSCo and receive ‘Luister’ for
a year!



Early Music Festival in ‘Concertzender Live’

In ‘Concertzender Live’ on Thursday 16th April (20:00 – 22:00 CET) our series of recordings from the Utrecht Festival of Early Music 2014 continues with concerts from the Ensemble Vivante and the Ensemble Tourbillon.

Ensemble Vivante

The Ensemble Vivante led by Anne Marie Dragosits presents a programme about Giovanni Felice Sances. Hij was one of the most influential musicians in the Viennese court in the 17th century where he worked as the choir master. The programme shows the many different aspects of his work, including pieces he wrote
for small ensembles such as his ‘Stabat Mater’. His early compositions reveal lively music and amusing texts.

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Win tickets for the Matangi Quartet

Matangi KwartetDe Concertzender is giving away free tickets for a lovely concert from the Matangi Quartet
in the Muziekstroom in Dordrecht.

With their glowing playing and slick presentation Maria-Paula, Daniel, Karsten and Arno are role models for a new generation of classical music performers. With a serious nod in the direction
of Haydn's love of nature, they play a tribute to the love for life of this genius of a composer.
The Matangi Quartet aims to do one thing: to communicate the feelings of energy, passion
and excitement which lie in all good music.

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CD of the month: Garçon by Radicalfashion

Fons Moers (see "Introducing...") has chosen the cd of the month Garcon and this is what he has to say about it :

“Maybe it's a bit premature, because I haven't heard all of it yet, but I have high expectations for ‘Garçon’, the new album by Radicalfashion from Japan. It will be published in April on the Japanese label Flau. I've only just discovered their debut cd, ‘Odori’ from 2007, but I was immediately impressed, and I expect nothing
less from ‘Garçon’.The ingrediënts of this new cd make it a real 'Concertzender album': romantic piano playing, brilliant minimalist electronic music and a helping of traditional Japanese music. The result is definitely pop music, so it's my album of the month. My expectations are high and I'm intrigued to see how it performs."

For background information about Radicalfashion go to this link

Radicalfashion's previous album, ‘Odori’, is on Spotify


Micha Hamel and the DoelenKwartet in ‘Concertzender Live’

The cream of present day string quartets were playing during the ‘November Music 2014’.


As well as the Kronos Quartet from America,
the Brodsky and Arditti Quartets from England, the Quatuor Bozzini from Canada and the DoelenKwartet and Ragazze Kwartet from
the Netherlands were also represented.

Om Tuesday 14th April from 15:00 - 17:00
you can hear the usual ‘November Music
2014’ broadcast. This will include the complete performance of Micha Hamels composition ‘Nous Deux’, based on the works of the French poet Paul Éluard, performed by the soprano Renate Arends and the DoelenKwartet.

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Vacancy for programme makers Classical Music

klassieke muziek picto

The Concertzender's classical music department is looking for one or more programme makers. Suitable candidates
can start immediately. All staff at the Concertzender are volunteers.

The Concertzender broadcasts exceptional programmes: adventurous music, unknown composers, inspired performances, outstanding musicians. One important aspect of our programmes are broadcasts of our recordings
of concerts. Since January there is broadcasting time reserved on Monday evening and Thursday evening every week for alternating Early Music and Contemporary Music programmes.

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Introducing … Fons Moers

Fons Moers has been making and presenting programmes for the Concertzender since 2008 that showcase music from the less well-known and the totally unknown regions of pop music.Fons Moers

“I make an hour-long programme for ‘Pop Art’ once a month that is then broadcast on Wednesday evening. I come up with an idea
for the programme, then select the music and write the text. My input then goes to the studio where the spoken texts are recorded and the programme is put together. Sometimes that is also done live. ‘Pop Art’ is a weekly programme about the less well-known and totally unknown regions of pop music. And you can include lots
of different sorts of music under the label ‘pop’. My hour of ‘Pop Art’ is always scheduled directly before the monthly broadcast of ‘Café Sonore’. The two programmes often flow together although this is never deliberately planned.”

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