New programme
‘Tango: Song of Buenos Aires’


On 23 January 2015 at 22:00, we will start with a new programme
of the Concertzender. We will be broadcasting the first episode of
the programme ‘Tango – Song of Buenos Aires’. For this pro-
gramme, producer Joep à Campo will be making use of the lyrics
of his novel of the same name – Tango – with Dutch translations
of tango songs, which has been released recently. Tango

The Argentinian tango has been quite popular lately, in music
and dance. However, music lovers and dancers regularly
ask questions like: where is
this or that song actually about? Justifiably, because lyrics are an essential part of it. When you
are dancing in Buenos Aires, ladies who you are dancing with will sing-along whole song texts in your ear. Phrases from the songs have become fixed expressions in everyday speech.
Many Argentinian writers have occupied themselves with tango lyrics. In short, tango is a trinity of music, dance and lyrics. These lyrics give an impression of the environment and the perception of it, to which the classical tango expresses. That is why we give
a short translation or description of the lyrics with each song.

In this way, the series offers a socio-cultural view of Buenos Aires in the time of classical tango. Each episode will be dedicated to a theme. In the
first episode it will be: the city. You will be hearing quotes from the book, followed by recordings of the orchestras of among others Osvaldo Pugliese, Alfredo De Angelis, Miguel Caló, Astor Piazzolla, Juan Sanchez Gorio, Rodolfo Biagi, Edgardo Donato and Anibal Troilo.

On Friday 20 February from 22:00 till 23:00, episode 2 will be broadcasted.
The theme will be the harbour area and outskirts.

Click here for more information on the book of Joep à Campo.


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