In Memoriam Arjen Grolleman
on 18 January 2015


On 20 January 2015, it will be five years ago that the producer Arjen Grolleman has passed away by a tragic accident in his own house.Bob Rusche en Arjen Grolleman

Arjan was connected to the Concertzender for several years, and made programmes such as 'Popart' and 'Il Futurismo'. He was also the great man behind the alternative radio station
Kink FM, in which he produced programmes like 'Avondland'
and 'X-Rated'. At the same time, Arjen was station-voice at RTL.

On 18 January 2015, the pro-
gramme 'X-Rated' with host
Bob Rusche will be completely dedicated to Arjen, as it used
to be broadcasted on Kink FM,
in that time. You will be hearing some unique works, specially
and exclusively composed and recorded for this programme. Short interviews with a few studio guests will also be broadcasted, during this live broadcast.

For this occasion, this special In Memoriam programme will go on for an hour
longer and will start that evening already at 20.00. Afterwards, the programme
'X-Ray' will be broadcasted at 23:00, with non-stop favourite music of Arjen Grolleman.


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