Festival Early Music 2014
in ‘Concertzender Live’


In January, the Concertzender will be broadcasting not one, but two episodes of the concert recordings of the Festival Early Music 2014.Festival Oude Muziek

On Sunday 11 January from 15:00 till 17:00, the concerts
of the Ensemble Leones and harpsichordist Catalina Vicens will be aired. The Ensemble Leones led by Marc Lewon dedicated her programme to minstrel Oswald von Wolken-
stein, who was in a constant conflict with Habsburg rulers. However, thanks to his interest in a new development – the polyphony – he became one of the first German renaissance composers.

Catalina Vicens played clavier music, written for two Bohemian king’s daughters. This includes registers, fantasies and dances of De Monte, Luython, Byrd, Bull
and Gibbons.

On Thursday 22 January from 20:00 till 22:00 (note: this is a different time!), the concert recordings of Discantus and Le Concert Brisé will be aired. Discantus
follows a musical line from the 12th up to and including the 15th century, during which the liturgical traditions of Prague were enriched by the beginnings of polyphony.

Le Concert Brisé led by cornettist William Dongois brought festive music by the
court of Kromeriz, like Schmelzer, Bertali and Vejvanovsky.


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