Current Events of the Concertzender


The Concertzender aims to serve their audience even better by producing a programme about current events in the field of culture.
So, we will be broadcasting a weekly programme that will pay attention to the highlights of what has occurred in the field of
in the Netherlands, in the following week of the broadcast.
In which, broader cultural offers like museums and sorts will be paid attention
as well.

An important focus will be on the two places to which the Concertzender is closely attached – Amsterdam and Utrecht. However, the large nationwide offers will not be forgotten.

Eventually, we would like to give the complete scale of music genres, which the Concertzender offers, their own place in the programme, but from a practical point
of view, we will start with the contributions of the editors of early, specific classical and new music. And of what we call the cultural similarities: movie, museum and theatre. As a standard part, we will also select a special CD of the week – selected from the newest releases of the record companies.

From the complete offer of Dutch stage – including the media – we will choose
one production that deserves special attention. If it is even slightly possible, we
will broadcast it with live music. The music will maintain, which is the philosophy
of the Concertzender, to be the main part of the programme.

The broadcast will be directly from the editing room in the studio of the Concert-
zender at the Ganzenmarkt, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, every Wednesday from 15:00 till 17:00. The first broadcast will be on 21 January 2015.

The host of this programme will be Annemiek Klijberg, alternating with Jan Kooiman, Gerard Meulenberg and Erwin Maas.


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